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Out of Focus?

Are you suffering from Day After Christmas Syndrome today? I read this and just had to pass it along: When I was a little kid, it was difficult for me not to experience disappointment the day after Christmas. The gifts have been opened, the anticipation ended. The joy of Christmas morning lasts but a while before it gives way to the humdrum of normal, post-Christmas life. This is because the gift-giving on Christmas morning is transient and fading. However, there is a sacred gift-giving which transcends Christmas morning. The gift of the Son of God is still ours the day after Christmas. And the opportunity for us to respond to this gift and give ourselves back to God is open the day after Christmas, and the day after that, and the day after that…(read the whole article here)

In one day our whole focus is supposed to change... from the cozy, warm Christmas feelings to making this upcoming year a better one. It's a daunting thing! I say, let's stay cozy warm for a few more days... reflecting on the best in us, the best in others, the best of this last year. Then as the year creeps to a close, let's plan a romantic New Year's Eve - one of anticipation and dreamy hopes! I've been dreaming up a few new things for us - I can't wait to show you!!
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