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A Square to Spare

Bagging up the last of the leaves (which I think is a sadistic tradition), my husband has rushed in to tell me that IT IS SNOWING! And from what I understand we're under a Winter Storm Advisory. So I'm preparing to spend a snugly weekend. We're having a Jesus birthday tonight at the church. Would it be wrong to hope that it's canceled?
You know, I don't have a moment to spare these days (who does?!) but I had some fun last night taking unusual photos. Blogger is being a bugger so I don't know if they'll make an appearance in this post or not. It may be a naked post... =) Ahhh.. there we go - finally! Isn't that gianormous candycane fun? I got it a few years ago. It's heavy duty cardboard all wrapped with duct tape and painted.
Just some pictures ripped out of magazines and all gobbed together.

A chair that never made it past the 2nd floor landing. It's really too big for that spot but... it's planted now. Bloom, as they say, where you're planted.
I really AM trying to focus on work. Really! Ok, sorta not.

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