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Window Shopping

Friday morning I'm going to be crafting with my kids so I decided to do an early Friday/late Thursday post. Shabbyinthecity has posted a picture of her new ballet flats from Payless and after dinner tonight I got an email from with links to their shoes/bags/accessories. I couldn't help myself. I had to do some comparison shopping.

These are Anthropologie flats for $128

These are Payless flats for $17.99

This is a lovely courdory Anthropologie jacket for $188

This is a lovely velvet Target jacket for $39.99
(the photos all have links if you're interested in anything. don't be crazy! get the less expensive version - you can get one of each color that way!)


  1. Ohh Lala, Pretty Jacket & Love the Shoes, I like the Black Jacket at Target alot :) It's always nice getting them more inexpensive too.

    Don't forget the Gratitude Gala Tommorow, See you there.


  2. Polly,
    such wonderful comparisons.They are pretty similar in deisgn both jackets and ballerina flops and such huge price differences.You'd do well working in a fashion mag. Kee the comparisons coming. I enjoyed it :)

    Ta, Adla

  3. Great comparisons Polly! Especially for something that is a "fashion" item....they tend to go out of style by next season, so it makes sense to buy the less expensive!

  4. Polly, great post. It is amazing what the price difference is! It always pays to shop around.

  5. I love the flats...I may have to go check those out! I still have (and LOVE) those Chinese black cloth Mary Janes that were big like 20 years ago!! LOL

  6.'s not the SAME pair from 20 years ago....LOL!

  7. Great comparison, and I must say, the Anthropologie jacket looks like a cheaper, skimpier cut than the Target version! Hmmmm..... I'm going to Target!

  8. Who buys this stuff? Paris and her friends? I have never understood that way of thinking. I mean even if I had boat loads of money, why then even? Just because you have the money doesn't make it any smarter.


  9. I agree with Julie. I'm always saying, "even if I won the lottery, I would still shop at thrift stores." I would. My style and what I like is constantly changing so if I bought something for a ton of money I would feel like I would have to wear it forever. If I find a $5 top at Goodwill I don't have any problem giving it back after I've worn it awhile. Thanks for the comparison pics, Polly. I think I need to go to Payless today.


  10. I was looking at sweatshirt jackets at Abercrombie and Fitch the other day...$69!!!! Worth $14!!!! Who are these people?!

  11. Cute stuff and would you believe I actually like the style of the Target jacket better!!! Love your info you have on here and adore that aqua phone on your sidebar!

  12. Polly,

    Great comparsions. The Payless shoes look exactly like the Anthropologie. I was just in an Anthropologie last night, I don't usually shop there but it was right next to the restaurant I was going in. I did like their scarves but it was expensive.


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