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Gratitude Gala

Imagine if, as a child, you learned to count but were not taught to add or shown the value of numbers. Without knowing their value, numbers have no meaning. The simple concept of counting wasn't enough to open the doors to an enormously vast world. More and less... Time... Worth... Most all of how we gauge life falls into categories that stem from numbers. Think of how many professions rely on numbers. Would that doctor have known how to save a life, had he not known number value?

But his knowledge of number value didn't just come to him. It's a process of learning and as with any math, there are steps and rules. Follow the rules and you'll learn the math. I hate formulas! Well, I guess I mean that I hate memorizing formulas. What are the formulas? The rules.

Just like in math, it isn't enough to know that we have blessings in our lives. God is gracious and He has given all of us a measure of blessings (shelter, food, family, etc.). But there is an opportunity to open the doors to an enormously vast world!Like how learning the value of numbers requires following math rules, this also requires obedience. Blessings follow obedience (see here). Don't just count them... seek them! Start here. Then follow the formula (scroll down - the entire Bible is available to read online).


  1. What a Great Gratitude Post Polly, Makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much for joining the gala. I just posted the Master Gala List on My Blog :)


  2. So lovely...
    Blessings to you!

  3. Polly I think you're about the sweetest and most earnest in your quest for a better and more fulfilling relationship with God. May His blessings reign over your life.


  4. Polly as always a lovely and inspirational post.

  5. Beautifully written Polly. Very thoughtful and inspiring:)


  6. very nicely said Polly!
    So glad you are stopping by the prom!!!

  7. Polly, your are a blessing, thank you for your inspirational. Linda

  8. Mighty lovely post Ms. Polly :) Hope the day was good.


  9. What a great post:-)Wow you have a done so much to your blog since I was here last! seems like ages
    Hope all is well with you and have a great weekend,

  10. He has truly blessed each and everyone of us! Thanks for a great post!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  11. I so love to read your posts, they are inspiring. Glad to see you here at the Gala.
    Love Erin~

  12. O so needed to stop here with my morning to do some studying....

    p.s. my family is not doing after 2 and a half weeks since the accident...they are starting to feel reality...
    we are all trying to stay strong and are offering to be with them whenever they want company...I feel guilty that our lives have to march on.....sigh

  13. You are soo right! One must seek the blessings out!! It helps keep one's heart right.
    Awww...thanks for showin' my stuff!


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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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