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Today's dilema... How can I use these? I bought them at Sal's Boutique (salvation army) a few weeks ago. Two ceramic plates, one larger and one smaller. Both have a hole in the center so I'm thinking that it must have been a 2 tier dessert server type of thing. I looked on ebay and did a google search but I haven't found anything showing what they originally were. No matter. The real question is: what do I do with them now? Any ideas? It would make a perfect Christmas gift for my friend who has reds and oranges in her kitchen - if it's usable. She's really practical and if she can't use it, she won't keep it. So if you have a creative brainstorm, let me know.

Daily Blessing (two, because I forgot yesterday - ooops!): 1. Friends close enough you trust their advice. 2. My daughter, because she's so different from my beloved sons. (blessings sign - ebay seller 2007sonyaft)

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  1. How about turning them into a clock face. Since there is a hole in the center, it might be easy to put in clock hands. I think they sell the clock workings at craft stores and even Wal-Mart. Hope that helps:)


  2. I was about to tell you to make a clock when I see that Rhonda already made the suggestion. Great minds think alike.


  3. The clock face idea is great or look around for one of the handles that go through the hole to turn it into a cake plate. You may pick one up at a goodwill store or flea market.

  4. I was going to suggest a clock as well! We're all on the same page!

  5. Love the idea that Rhonda had - clever critter that she is. I wonder if they would hang somehow with a ribbon that is through some type of button glued to the hole in the front?

  6. Ask Kari and Kijsa! Although yeah, Rhonda probably nailed it already...

  7. Looks like everyone had the same idea as I did. A clock would be perfect!


  8. Count me in on making into a clock. Neat plates. Polly thank you for adding my DIL to the prayer list page. That's a wonderful page.

  9. I like the clock idea too, and I don't think I would have ever thought of that. The plates are darling, though. What a fun crafties are so inspiring.

  10. Clock, was my first thought too....or put a coat hook on it, for aprons or dish towels?

  11. I was going to suggest a clock but I like Penny's idea too!


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