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Star's Hollow

I don't know about you but I've decided that I'd like to live in Star's Hollow.

And I would also like it to snow! (...and I want her pink coat and her front doors, and a jeep!)


  1. I never turn on the this a new show? It does look cute!

  2. I have so much trouble with You Tube, it never works for me. But I want to know what show this is just because I love this chick's pink coat. No I really do want to know.

  3. oh la la! Tres chic!
    pink is my fave color!!
    ...yes, I'm baaaack! lol!
    need your help on something.

  4. LOVE the doors and the coat, but I only want it to snow on December 23 ~ and melt on January 2nd!! Boy, I would love to live in that place too!

  5. HA! I wholeheartedly agree!! I want to live in Star's Hollow...even though it's fictitious! What a great town with such colorful residents! I miss "the girls!"

  6. Oh Polly,
    I have just been catching up on your blog and you have such WONDERFUL links. I also want you to know I check your auctions and still hope to bid someday soon. You have YUMMY STUFF!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend, Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  7. Oh my Polly, I never knew you were into Gilmore girls. I've been hooked on it for the past couple of years... I wish I lived in star hollows too.. and Lorelai is HILARIOUS! love her
    Ta for now, Adla

  8. Looks like a great place! And the pink coat is gorgeous!! But I'm with Jan on the snow thing. Dec 23-Jan 2 and that's it!


  9. Hopefully Santa is listening. Do you think he could deliver Star's Hollow in its entirety?:)


  10. I missed the whole Gilmore Girls phenomenon.....and now I'm hooked. I'm going to rent the season DVDs and enjoy. I always love seeing what links you have to share here!

  11. Okay, I see it's the Gilmore Girls now. You know I never watched one episode of that but I hear it's on DVD so maybe I'll check it out.


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