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Happy Monday! I finally have an antibiotic and have begun to feel a wee bit better. I know you must all think by now that I live in an infirmary with how long we've had ailing residents. But there's 6 of us so one after the other the bug hit and I am the last of the brood so perhaps we'll all be well now for the holidays =)

While I was at the clinic yesterday, hubby went to Big Lots. I need to be on a leash when I go to that store so it's good that I wasn't there =) We must have a faux Christmas tree due to all the kidlets allergies and our tree was well worn out. So... off to find an inexpensive tree the man went. We got a pre-lit tree and even though it's not out of the box yet, I'm sure that it won't make my favorites list!

Then came Melissa from The Inspired Room riding on a Christmas horse to save the day! She posted about a wonderful assortment of lights. I don't know that I'd use the tools but they're unique! Maybe this year, since we have a different tree, the kids will let me get away with not having gaudy lights and ornaments.

The French General has some sweet inspiring holiday notions kits. I'd like to have a few just to look at =)

Or, I could do what I always do and make one of my own.

p.s. Don't forget about Natasha's Virtual Prom tomorrow!

p.p.s. I was just pondering... should I put together a little blogger recipe book? We could all add to it... Imagine all the holiday favorites! Whatc'ya think?


  1. Hi Polly,

    Glad to hear you are feeling a little better and hopefully that antibiotic will knock out the last of it before the holiday! I love going to Big Lots too :)


  2. Hi Polly, I'm glad you are on the mend, I had to go with an artifical tree for exactly the same reasons. It broke my heart not to have a beautiful live tree but it sure was nice not to be sick.
    Love all the information you share...I just briefly checked out the French General and I'm going to pop back over there. I love their red tree covered in treasures. Yes, I like your idea for a recipe book...sounds like fun. Linda


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