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Punny Stuff

Still recovering? Thank heavens for a few more days. ... and then we'll be full swing into shopping, wrapping, decorating and all sorts of frippery. I love fun words! Like "cattywompus" and "scrumdiliumpcious". I've decided to be fun today... Tomorrow I shall be serious. There's something about a Saturday that makes it impossible for me to williningly be too mature. Sunday, however, is whole different kettle of fish. (Exactly what would be like a kettle of fish?) So... first off you should watch this YouTube clip and second you should take a look at the retro-fun recipe book over to the left (Kitchen Delights). One of our local churches put it together and I just love it!! I have a couple copies (you know me, if one is good, three is better)...


  1. Without even watching, I know exactly what clip that is Polly!!! I could watch Friends re-runs again and again!!! And I'd love to see Gilmore Girls after you mentioned it!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving-sorry I'm so behind in blogging, everything was very 'twirly' for a while lol!xx

  2. I never saw that Friends! I did love that show though! Thanks for the Laughs!!

  3. Oh, Polly, I loved that Friends episode:) I was such a fan....*sigh*

    Well at least there is still reruns.

    BTW I still need your address to send something to you.

    Enjoy the rest of your fun Saturday.


  4. What a fun laugh! We will be praying with you over the next month, and will check out your posts, knowing that our comments can be replaced with prayers!

    kari & kijsa

  5. hey Polly funny stuff. My mom loves friends and she has the scene it d.v.d. game of it just encase you wanted to know well talk about your bird faced broad! T.T.Y.L.

  6. That's the great thing about a blog, it's your own creation. Reading comments can be very time consuming and this is a time for you to work your store. All your friends will still be here daily! Have a wonderful week!

  7. That is a great episode! I too knew it the moment I saw the picture. Thanks for re-emailing me to let me know you did not get my first email. I resent the email with my address. :) Let me know if you still don't get it. :) Also, I am not going to publish your comment since it had personal information in it, but you are welcome for the links! I hope you found something you like. :)

  8. Hi Polly-just wanted to say I think your idea about disabling your comments is a good one, and I for one will still be reading all your posts!! Love your latest post by the way, and I'm always here if you fancy an email chat!xx


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