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Holiday Shopping

At the top of the morning list... A Bit Of Paris 2 U is having a sale!! $9.99 and no reserve! Giddyup on over there and don't miss it!

Since we're shopping... I'm putting together a list of lovely shopping websites and they're now all conveniently located on my sidebar. If you would like me to add one, leave me a comment or send me an email. To browse the shopping links just look for this icon off to the side (if you can find it in my jungle of inspirmericals... maybe I should streamline... anybody know how to do that? cutting back is not in my immediate vocabulary. however if it's all too overwhelming or if it takes forever to load, somebody tell me please. should I go to some text boxes? I'm attempting to make it fun and resourceful but not seizure-causing.)

I can not properly feel festive and ready to gift shop until the traditional Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka movies have aired a time or two, canceling some of my normally favorite programs (House has been a disapointment this season, but that's another post). I haven't seen hide nor hair of either holiday special! How can we be expected to don our gay apparel if we aren't sufficiently in our comfy cozy zone? And where is the midwest snow? And why did my parents decide to spend the holidays with my sister this year? I need everything to be where it's supposed to be in order to put on my best holiday face. Don't they all know this? The traditions are slipping through my fingers! But... there's a time to tear and a time to mend. So I begin the process... mend what I can, pretend what I cannot. And a bit of pretend isn't so unusual this time of year now is it?!
p.s. Isn't Moonie looking happy in his new home?!!!
Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the foof giveaway. The winner will be selected on Saturday.


  1. Hi Polly,

    I am trying to pretend it is the season, but with this heat it's hard...I want to smell Christmas tree scents, not suntan lotions! LOL - at any rate, I love your moonie :)


  2. Moonie IS looking rather at home there. And I see you are feeding him corn so that is very appropriate for Thanksgiving. I've gotta go see what all this Paris talk is about...can I borrow $9.99?

  3. Hi Polly,
    You blog is getting funner and funner! I love all the goodies to click on and view...

    I would love it if you would add my website to your list of Lovely Sites!

  4. Polly,
    Thank you so much for adding our store to your list of places to shop. That is a great idea and I'll definitely be looking around those shops for Christmas gifts. Too bad I have boys...

    Your blog is getting cuter by the minute!!


  5. Thanks for visiting Polly! Your blog is so much fun! I love all your resouce info. Please visit again soon!

    Blessings to you!! Nancy

  6. Such a cutie moon face! And do I see a little dish and spoon, too?!

    Thank you for your comment on my post! Gotta love that "snips and snails" thing! Sure keeps me busy in the laundry room! =)

  7. love the vintagey moon!

  8. Beautiful recommendations as always. Moonie and his friends look all ready to celbrate. They've even got the bear to get the music started. I enjoyed reading this post...Cheer up, change isn't always that bad, look at the good that may come out of it :)

  9. Moonie is very cute! Wizard of Oz was on last week:) Yippee.. Your blog is looking great.

  10. Hi Polly,

    Thanks for the shopping links! I haven't even started to shop yet. But I'll check these out. Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Polly,

    I'm not quite ready for Christmas. There is still so much I want to do first. BTW I noticed that the Wizard of OZ was on TNT last weekend. I forgot to watch it. Haven't seen Willie Wonka pop up yet though. Have a great day. Try to do something fun just for you if you can.



  12. Polly..what a GREAT idea to include the Neighbor's shopping sites in one place on your side bar!! THAT is a great help for ME who is always blog hopping trying to figure out who does what and where can I find it???

  13. Hi Polly, Moonie is looking so cute. Your blog is wonderful. I'm loving all your new features. Linda

  14. Hi Polly,
    Here in Australia we pretend a lot at Christmas. We have fake snow, and all these snowy decorations and yet Christmas is in the middle of Summer for us!
    I'd love if you added my site to your list if you like it,

  15. Polly, you're tempting me again..because I know that if you say a shop is lovely, it'll be well worth checking out!! I must stop browsing lol!! Hope your week will be lovely, and can't wait to catch up with you properly once this hectic week coming is over!xx


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