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Sidebar Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed! That's the reason I could never write a book! It's all the fill-in detail stuff...watching the tumbleweeds tumble... that I get hung up on. And sadly that's the stuff of life, really. "The toast was so dry it required two pats of butter (or is it margarine?)." Eyes begin skimming the words, blah, blah, blah...

I read or heard somewhere (I think it was when I was in college and surrounded by so many dreadful wanna-be intellectuals) that there was once a man who tried to record his every thought for a 24 hour period. I remember thinking how his record couldn't possibly be accurate because he'd have to think about what he was writing (that's a vicious circle right there) and the writing itself would take more time than the original thought... Ugh - what a torturous process!

But somehow when it comes to my sidebar links the tumbleweed isn't an issue =) It's the perfect task for me - this blogging bit. I can load up on the details until I'm clicking & linking in my dreams! It's like a book... with commercials! Inspiring commercials... Inspirmercials!! I have become the Queen of Inspirmercials.

Tumbleweed Inspirmercials!!


  1. Hi Polly,

    I love the way you think girlfriend! Tumbleweeds...for me, everytime I decide to sit down and focus on my writing I find ten things that all of the sudden have to be done at that precise moment. I jump up for snacks, I do the dishes, or the laundry. Yep, the surest way for me to get a bunch of stuff done is to sit down and "work on my writing". By the way...I love your Tumbleweed Inspirmercials!! :)


  2. Hello over there Polly,
    What a delicious thought provoking post!
    I too love Tumbleweed Inspirmercials,what a great name!
    Thanks for dropping in and i'm sure we will get along famously XxX

  3. LOL! How fun Polly....the tumbling tumbleweed...I think you need to copywrite the Inspirmercials!

  4. Don't you just love how some people can hold an audience captive, practically salivating for the next words to read? Yeah, I'm not one of those artists. I get so tangled up in my thoughts that nothing flows the way it did in my head. You however, my dear, possess that talent. Of course I love your side inspirmercials, but you had me at Hello!


  5. He could do it if he recorded it verbally, and then wrote it out later -- well, unless he couldn't talk as fast as he could think.....
    Our youngest used to talk so much, that I thought he must have voiced aloud every single thought that ever came into his head! LOL!!

  6. I like The Inspirmercials!! You have been busy lately haven't you?? I don't know where to look first!!

  7. Ha.ha.ha! Your a hoot!
    I actually found something I've been looking for on your side bar! personalized ribbons.
    Thank you for the inspiration dear!

  8. Hi my dear!

    I love your tumbleweeds and you ARE the inspirmercial queen! I love coming here and finding a new inspiration everytime I do!

    I love your new Avatar, is it you?

    Hey are we ever gonna see your new jacket hubby bought you or did you get it yet?



Something worth sharing...
"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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