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Just back from the doctor... Mitch is released to go back to school on Friday if he's feeling up to it! Praise God!! Thank you all for your prayers. He's starting a new antibiotic this afternoon so please continue to pray that there won't be any allergic reactions. We've been warned that if something changes, he'll have to go in the hospital under the care of the infectious disease specialist. But things look good right now. The "blister" is diminishing and his lungs are clearing. He's still having trouble with hives but we're hopeful that they'll be gone soon too. On the up-side, since it's Halloween the leprosy-looking spots don't make him stand out like a freak.

History Channel - how Halloween began. God's view on those things: here and here. I know it's not the popular view but... we aren't running a popularity contest. See this and this. I'm tempted, believe me. Good witch/bad witch - is there a difference to Him? Is it really that big of deal anymore? I don't know. I'm choosing to err on the side of His opinion matters more than my ability to argue the harmlessness of Halloween.
I have to admit though that I kinda like striped stockings.

So I worked on striping up some hangers because striped stockings do NOT enhance one of my better features! (side note: Nor do overalls. Can someone tell me why men think that we'll look "sexy" in overalls? What version of HeeHaw were they watching??)

Though I usually enjoy handing out candy and little Bibles on Halloween, tonight we're turning the front light off and relaxing by a cozy fire. If I'm going to pretend to be anyone tonight it will be Scarlet O'Hara


  1. I'm so glad that your son is feeling better. And I will continue to pray.

    As for Halloween, I believe that it's nothing more than a costume party for little kids.


  2. Polly, that is great news:) I pray that Mitch's body accepts the new medicine and heals completely!

    Enjoy your night by the fire, Ms. Scarlet!


  3. Good to read things are getting better with your son. Hope it continues!

    I am so with you on the overall thing! I got one years ago (what in the world was I thinking?!!) It's in my 'bag-o'-shame' now because I am to embarrased to take it to goodwill... (and it's always good for a laugh when you're feeling a bit low LOL)

  4. That is GREAT that your son is feeling better!! You deserve that cozy night tonite!! To warm for a fire here but I am lighting a lot of candles!!
    Enjoy your evening!!

  5. I am so glad to hear your son is feeling better, what an ordeal!

    And for the overalls, I thought my husband was the only one who liked those. Mine are for painting the house, only. And they are not so flattering.

    And for Halloween, we discussed the options many years ago for how we would handle it, and we decided to treat it strictly as a dress up party for the kids, no ghosts, spirits or witches, keeping our participation in it all in childhood fun just as they see it. But we do let them know about the dangers and things to avoid associating with or participating in, for our own protection against evil. The Bible is clear on that for sure. I understand your dilemma and respect your decision!


  6. Polly, I am happy to hear Mitch is doing better.

  7. I'm so glad he's doing better. Must have been scary! Your night sounds lovely! Oh Halloween don't get me started! It's such a struggle.


  8. You always have the best vintage photo's! Love them!

  9. hey Polly i still love the blog keep up the good work alright and like Janeen said i love the pics keep 'em coming!!! ♥

  10. AWESOME!!! Checked in to see if there was an update! And, to see your eye candy, too! So glad all is looking up! Love, E

  11. We don't believe in ghosts, goblins, witches, psychics or fortune tellers at my house....Halloween is just fun...we get to see our neighbors and their cute lil kiddos and indulge in a little chocolate...this year my kids even got oranges and microwave popcorn....I saw some of the CUTEST lil kids tonite!!
    Glad your son is better....

  12. Polly, I'm so glad Mitch is on the mend-how relieved you must be!! I've just spent a lovely morning catching up on your blog-I've really missed blogging! Have a lovely end to the week!xxx

  13. Thinking of you and yours... glad to her your son is feeling better.
    I think your cozy evening sounds perfect, and just what you needed. Linda

  14. Polly what wonderful news! God is so good. I will continue to keep your son in my prayers.



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