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Medicines begin with a capital letter but illnesses do not...

It's true. The medical profession somewhere down the line determined that it would be more positive to put the emphasis on the cure. =) I'm resting my weary self for a few minutes so I thought I'd give a quick update... We had to stop the antibiotics a couple hours ago because Mitch is covered in hives, despite the benadryl and prednisone. Thankfully we live just 2-3 minutes from the doctor's office (and the hospital) so we've been able to stay home today and just touch base with the doctor on and off. He thinks there's another antibiotic that we can try before having to admit Mitch to the hospital. The doctor wants to see us again in the morning so I'll know more then.

Mitch, aside from the hives, thinks he's feeling better and the "blister" is (to quote the doctor) walled off and contained with some improvement. We don't want it to open because the risk of it spreading will be much greater and the tracks from his previous wound run so deep that there's a greater chance of getting a pocket of infection somewhere. So... overall, we're okay. Thank you for all your prayers and kind words. I haven't had the opportunity to get back to everyone (or even to read all the comments) yet but we hope to back to normal around here soon. God has been good.

As he slept this morning, I sat on the kitchen floor and sorted through THE box. Remember, the one that my mom had in her basement with all the old Victoria Magazines in it?! Well, she dropped it off for me! YAY!! At least I've had something to look at while we've been at all these doctor appointments. =)

Bittersweet Punkin tagged me to post a photo of myself (past, present or future) so before I forget, I thought I'd show you this one (enlarge it 'cause the pacifier thing is just crazy-wierd). That's me on the left and my daughter on the right. I'm supposed to tag 3 others to post a photo and tell the story behind it. Since I don't have many brain cells left tonight, let's just say that the last 3 people to leave a comment on this post (by midnight tonight) will be the 3 that get tagged. I'll notify them tomorrow. How's that for getting myself off the hook?!


  1. That is a great picture, Polly. Both of them.

    Honey, I know that you're tired and worried. But remember to be anxious for nothing and the Lord says "Come to me all who are labored and I will give your rest." Prayers are with you right now for sure. Whether you read of them now or later, it doesn't matter. We're here for you.


  2. very cute picture of you as a 2 year old :)my well wishes to Mitch, may he get well soon!
    ta, Adla

  3. Dearest Polly - glad to hear that your son is holding is own. Must be all that good mommy love he gets from you. Take care of yourself in all this too. Looking forward to more good news! Love, Esther

  4. Still praying for your son. Those pictures could be of the same child! Even the same hair, how cute!:>) I am totally jealous of that box of Victorias! My box is so much smaller:>P

  5. Polly, I am glad your son is on the upward swing. It is so hard when a "baby" is sick. Even when they are 16!

    You and your daughter are both adorable babies!

  6. Polly...I have Mitch in my prayers! Such a little guy to have to be going through all this!
    Take care and know you are in my thoughts...

  7. Hey just sit back, put your feet up and enjoy those Victorias...WOW...I cannot believe the look like the same child in both those photos....if you didn't tell us it was your!
    You are so sweet by the way...your comments were SO nice...really. It's funny that women can say when they think another woman is attractive but you don't hear guys telling each other that...the delivery just isn't the same!!! LOL
    Thanks again...I am so glad we are friends.

  8. Hi Polly ~ I have caught up with your posts and have to tell you that I am sorry to hear about your son and the problems he is going through right now. How terrible for him and MRSA is the worse thing to get - especially with everything that he has and it compounds it all. There is a huge MRSA scare locally and I cannot tell you how many people I work with who have had it. Very frightening indeed. I will pray for him and for you and just keep everything disinfected and wash, wash, wash your hands and use the hand sanitizers. Blessings to you and your family,


  9. Polly, you must be exhausted. I pray that Mitch will contiune to improve and you can all be back to normal soon. Take care of yourself too and enjoy the Victorias.

    Love ya,

    BTW if you had not told me, I would have thought the two pictures were of the same child. Both precious:)

  10. Yes your daughter looks exactly like you :) That is so cool how God does that for us. Glad your boy is better and we'll pray it continues in that manner.

  11. I hope your son is better soon. My best friend is going through the same thing right now. She had surgery two years ago, and has a tract with infection that she is having problems getting rid of. Hopefully, the drs shes meeting with this month can figure out a solution.....

  12. Hi Polly,

    Your pictures are so sweet.
    I wish I were closer and could do something more but I am standing with you in prayer - along with so many of your friends out here. Take care of yourself and be sure you get plenty of rest dear friend.

    Huge hugs,

  13. You are still in my prayers and it sounds encouraging. Get some rest, I know how hard it is taking care of sick kids.


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