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Counting Down & Adding Up

Lookie There! Is that wallpaper fall-over-and-faint beautiful, or what?! Oh my gracious, I hope one of us gets it just so I see what gorgeousness it will become. I thought it might be fun to feature a few auctions from other ebayers each week. You should be able to click on the photos to go directly to the auctions. I really need a template that would allow me to put photos on both sides of the blog entry - anybody have any cheap ideas?

By the way, have you seen Alison's notebook over at Brocante Home? She's just a plethora of inspiration everyday! Really! It's a shopping guide and she's introducing new shops almost daily. How perfect for this holiday season. (Michal Negrin notebook: ebay, click photo to link to the auction)

And speaking of holiday season... It's November!! Yay! We're on the count down to (1) the day nearly everyone is counting their blessings and (2) the traditional Christmas blessings. Hmm... I wonder if we would all post 1 blessing each day between now and Thanksgiving, would it change what we share with our loved ones at the table that day? 21 blessings - write them down, tuck them in your pocket, or stick them to the 'fridge... What if our spouses added to the list? We could hang a posterboard where the kids can reach it - tell them Johnny's color is Red and Maggie's color is Orange - whenever they want, whenever they stroll by, they can scribble down something that they're happy about. Just imagine... What a beautiful thing to look at for the next 21 days... What a sweet batch of memories we'll find next Fall when we dig out the turkey platter and the Fall decor... What a bundle of holiday heirlooms your children will take with them... Oh, I just have to try! Join me if you will.

(1) Seasons of Change - I used to fear change, but now it's a little gift peeking around each corner. Father, how you're working!!


  1. Hi, Polly. Sure, I'll join you in make a list of blessings. In my post today I listed my most valued blessing of all, so I'll call it #1.

    Hope your son is doing well on his new antibiotic.


  2. Okay I've always wondered how Alison made her photos lead to ebay with a I looked at your 'source' and see where you hosted each pic at photobucket...but did you do some html coding as well? It would be a blessing if I could figure out some of life's little mysteries LOL :)

  3. I love the idea of posting a blessing for each day. I'm in!

    Hope your son is feeling better. And I wish I could help you with your HTML coding issues. But honey, I can barely post a picture.


  4. Polly...I already bid on that paper! Too funny...
    I bid on lots but hardly ever win, they go pretty high most of the time!

  5. What a wonderful idea. I count my blessings every night as I drift off to sleep.....

  6. I soo love the idea of listing your blessings! Gets one's heart right..
    So glad to hear your son is on the mends! Does a mother's heart good to see her baby healing..

  7. Looks like we were on the same wave-length! I guess great minds must think alike. =)


  8. Posting a blessing each day is a wonderful idea. I'm joining in. Linda


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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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