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A Quick Peek...

This is it - the item that had me checking my debit account from the library. It's a hand painted old window pane. I haven't decided how it looks better, on the window or on the wall.

And here is just a peek at some of the architecture that I mentioned.

Sometimes when hubby and I visit Galena we come home having spent way beyond what we had saved for the trip. I'm really proud of us this year! We only made a few purchases. Of course, they were expensive purchases but we stayed pretty well within our limit. For example, I did not buy this bench (though I may have had it not already been sold, lol).

But I did buy this arbor. Two old doors... and they are hard to see in the photo but there's old metal cornices too. It was actually cheaper than the bench. The arbor was $175 and the bench was $250. You can take a look at some of Hilltop's other items here.

I have soooo many pictures of the great shops, the Country Fair and the beautiful area but I need a little time to go through it all. I did, however, take a few pictures specifically for a few of you.

Penny, you would've swooned over this french provencial spot, Vignettes!

Michelle, thought you might like these but don't kill me, I don't remember what store they were in. You can probably make them anyways =)

The kids are off school today so we're heading out to the apple orchard. I'll leave you with this snapshot from my walk to the library...

We're about 4 stories above the main shopping area. Just over that fence...
Layers of secluded terraces and courtyards. More later... Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. How did you resist anything Polly? That bench and flower cart?? Goodness! They're gorgeous!!


  2. Hi Polly,

    Sounds like it was a great trip! That arbor is just beautiful and so romantic :)


  3. Wow I can see why you love it there so much!

  4. OH MY!! I LOVE the painted window you bought. That is just beautiful.

    Thank you for showing me the Vignettes French Provencal picture. I love the color of that hutch!
    P.S. You are welcome for the award! You do make me smile :-)

  5. What a beautiful place. I saw many tempting items:) The window and arbor are spectacular. Looks like a lovely weekend.

    Hope you enjoyed the festival today.


  6. What a wonderful shopping experience. I'm afraid I would blown all the grocery money for a month or two if I'd have gone. Thanks so much for sharing all the eye candy :)

  7. The Window Pane is just beautiful Polly & The Arbor too, Looks like you had so much fun..Glad you had such a Great Weekend :)


  8. lots of treasures! The window is soo pretty! I might just have to come down and visit Galena one day! =)

  9. Looks like alot of fun! What a beautiful painted window. And did you put up a new banner? It looks great!

  10. Oh, I would've been in big BIG trouble there!

    Beautiful stuff!


  11. OH my goodness! You lucky girl. I love everything and that window..yummm. That goat cart full of flowers!!!

  12. Pretty lampshades!! Glad you took a pic of them. I might have to do some with roses or flowers! Looks like you had a wondeful time!

  13. It sounds like you had a lovely time. Your arbor will look so beautiful with flowers growing all over it! How fun and fortunate you are to have a husband who doesn't mind those weekend shopping trips!


  14. Ooh Polly! The arbour will be so beautiful in your home! It's perfect, you must have been so pleased to find it! I can't wait to see it in place in your home!! I can just imagine you sat under it in the summer evenings! It looks like you had a wonderful trip-the painted window is to die for!!!! xxxxx

  15. Polly...I would be in total heaven!
    I LOVE everything...

  16. love that arbor! what a great idea to use two doors. Sounds like your trip was wonderful..

  17. I LOVE your blog & all the wonderful pictures posted. That arbor is so unique!!


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