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Paved Paradise

LOOK - at who's in our Lovely Award spot this week!! The Frock Shop, because she has an amazing website with clothing, shoes, jewelry...

a blog...

AND a separate line of handbags! She's just recently married so be sure to wish her well when you stop over.

While you're out and about, stop by and download the Meal Planner that Alison has added to the Vintage Housekeepers Planner.

The Apple Orchard was fun - the weather was perfect right up until we were walking to the parking lot to leave and then it poured. Since it's apple orchard & pumpkin patch season, I thought I'd share a bit of my past with you...
My grandparents owned an apple orchard. My mom was raised picking apples every Autumn and I was blessed to have such a wonderful place to explore when I was growing up. My parents were married in the orchard (that's my dad tossing the garter). Several years ago after my grandfather died, the property had to be sold. "They paved paradise..." for a 4 lane highway. However, as God often does, my husband's parents (when the moved here from Chicago) purchased a home just a mile or so down the road from the old apple orchard. When I was grandma sitting a few weeks ago, I drove by what used to be the "grove stand" (veggies, fruit, etc.) and I was sad wishing that my children had that orchard for making memories in. God gently reminded me that their own grandparents live on that very same road with such big hills it used to make my stomach do flip flops... that when I sing "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go..." at Christmas time, it's the same path and the same song that my mom sang to me. Although we know that there will be streets of gold in Heaven, isn't is assuring to know that they won't probably be 4 lane highways?!


  1. What lovely memories form your childhood and happy memories you are making now. Loved your parents wedding pic. The arbor doors are wondeful!
    Off to download the Meal Planner....a sunny day to you. Linda

  2. How sweet to have had such good memories of your Grandparents apple orchard. What wonderful memories! I would love for my kids to have some memories like that too. Your so right though we will be walking the streets of gold to our mansions over the hilltop!

  3. Aw, what a sweet trip down memory lane. And yes it gives me great pleasure to know that pretty much what all the lanes will be made of in heaven and not concrete and asphalt.


  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful childhood and have kept those memories stored in your heart. I love the wedding photo..

  5. Oh my... I almost cried... Especially, as I heard Joni Mitchell's voice singing "don't it alwyas seem to go , that you don't know what you got till it's gone..." Oh, the memories are palpable aren't they?? Like a tender knot in the throat.. How beautiful... xxooo

  6. Wonderful memories! Glad you got to share em' with the family!

  7. Polly I always enjoy your posts! I have seconded Penny's nomination of a "you make me smile" award. No need to pass it on since I know you have already had one, but I wnated to let you know that you make me smile too! :>)

  8. Oh, hold on to those memories till you see them again... I can't wait to see my grandma! she was awesome!!! Fab site, thanks for sharing..

  9. Polly...What lovely memories at the apple orchard!
    Thanks for sharing...

  10. What Wonderful Childhood Memories, my Grandparents Had a Miniature Orchard, They had Pie Apples, and Pie Cherries, but the Birds Liked them too, so we didn't get to have Cherry Pie alot,lol.


  11. How sweet to have such special childhood memories! I have some too, and I feel sad sometimes that my kids don't share the same ones. I just hope they have their own!

    Yeah, happy there will be no four lane highways or tailgaters!


  12. It sure is! I have got to tell soon about a neighbor boy who had a near death experience last week. He saw a peek of heaven.


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