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Be Still My Lacy Velvet Heart

2nd post - because nothing could be more noteworthy than this... I've just pre-ordered Magnolia Pearl's book!!! A Bit of Velvet & a Dash of Lace; The Fabulous Interiors of Magnolia Pearl is set to be out April 1, 2008. Go, go, go... as fast as you can... (photo: - Steven Randazzo)

I took this photo this morning and meant to add skeleton keys to the list of things I love to see. I fought with blogger the entire morning with importing pictures so I was frustrated by the end of it all. It wasn't until hour 2 or 3 that I figured out I could put them in the html and from thence on... lickity-split! And this photo fit better here anyway!
I was just about to purchase this lovely little gem when it occurred to me that Magnolia Pearl's book was due to be released soon. I figured I'd better be a wise shopper and check on that before using the "1 Click" button (because I only needed 5 cents more to get free shipping, after all). And there is was! And now there's two beloved books this week... Victoria and Magnolia Pearl -oh, I may swoon!!! No, don't stop to tell Aunt Gertie... Go now and pre-order...


  1. OMGOSH!! MY HEART JUST STOPPED!!! I have been waiting SO LONG!! How did you find out?? I subscribe to her newsletter and it either didn't get to me or they never said anything. I am SO EXCITED!!

    THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!! I'm gonna pee my pants!


  2. I don't know her or her work. Is she that good that people are losing control of their bodily functions???

    On second thought, maybe I don't want to know her then...


  3. Wow!!! I love her! I didn't know she was doing a book. I immediately clicked on her link and added it to my wish very cool!

  4. i don't know about her or the book but i will take your recommendstion...blessings, rebecca

  5. Who is this wonderful person? Inquiring minds want to know. Linda

  6. I have another mosaic friend who lives in Texas and does not blog...She lives in the same area a Magnolia Pearl. She is the one who lead me there. Can't wait to hear what you think of the book!

  7. I guess I am not alone... Tell us more about Magnolia Pearl!

  8. Polly- I very very nearly bought the second book, but am trying to be good!! Let me know if it's worth the splurge!! The first book looks divine too-you do know how to tempt me Polly...

  9. Oh boy! Jane's book looks spectacular, but a book from Miss Magnolia Pearl? I love it! Love her style, very feminine. Great photo of the keys and lace. I have been having probs with uploading pics, too. I have to do one at a time and then make sure the sequence is what I want. grrrr. I have caught up on your last few them all Polly! Now, go and putter and change things up some more. ;)

  10. This is a beautiful place to visit, I loved peeking around!

  11. Magnolia Pearl rocks! so time worn. I just love her stuff!

  12. Polly,
    love your blog. Magnolia Pearl is awesome! She's becoming a rock star over night. I expect we will see her on Oprah soon! See her new you tube video -- Ready, Set up, Go! I orderd the book for all my friends-- hope they print tons of them!!!!!!

  13. Hi Hazel. I do adore all the Magnolia Pearl stuff! Watched the new video last night. It's wonderful. Glad to have met another Magnolia Pearl fan. Blessings... Polly


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