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Well it's a new day and I am not consumed. I took your advice and sent an email. Who knows what will come of it, but I've done what I know to be right. Today I'm feeling creative so I'm going to take advange of it before it runs away to hide.

The sofa is dry!! It needs a little Mr. Beloved work though. I'm going to paint the wood trim and distress it in true "banged-up" fashion! I don't have the slightest idea what room it's going to live it yet but I'm sure it'll get even more banging up! However, this is not the project for today.

I'm going to be sewing and crafting. I'll show you later what I'm working on. (photo: rustic roots)
I got this tin in the mail yesterday and I just love it. It's a little bigger than the photo portrays and it has a handle. Can't you just imagine strolling off to a picnic with this baby!

I have been meaning to acknowledge some awards that were sweetly bestowed on me. I haven't had the opportunity to search out who has not yet received them so I can pay it forward but I want each of you who presented these to know my extreme and humble gratitude!


  1. Polly, I am glad today is brighter and you have sense of resolution:)

    Hope you have fun with the sofa project. I am sure it will be gorgeous!

    I was thinking this might be a good weekend to spend sometime with my sewing machine as well. I have been carrying around a small summer purse for a couple of months now and I am just tired of it. For me if it is not big enough to tote around the kitchen sink, it just isn't a handbag. I have some lovely material that I bought on clearance that is just begging to be transformed into something useful.

    Wish me luck!


  2. Can't wait to see what you get done! Isn't it strange how our creative juices flow some days and other days it is just not there.
    And thanks for your comment. It is a great comfort knowing that you're NOT getting everything done either when you blog, lol. It makes me feel better:-)
    Have a great day!

  3. I love the teapot (of course) and the cannister -- Can't wait to see what you are working on. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Polly, I am so happy to hear that things are better over your way....
    That couch is going to be awesome!

  5. I prayed for your situation!
    I know things will be fine and your weight will be lifted :)
    I wanna go on that picnic when you go...

  6. Polly,
    I'm glad that you finally feel some sense of closure to your situation.

    You totally inspired me and I went looking for a new sofa somewhere other than the brand name stores. I hate - absolutely HATE the sofa we have now. It's old and I need new slip covers anyway. I went on to Craig's list and found a queen-size sleeper sofa in excellent condition for $175. It's the right size, the right color, the right condition AND the right price.

    Thanks for the inspiration, again!


  7. Love your sofa. Darcy & I have a weakness for vintage chairs & curvy sofas.
    Re: things in picture from CL fair, just e-mail us and I can always send you more detailed pics.
    Yes, we are working on an e-commerce sight.
    Kara & Darcy

  8. Love that first Pic! And congrats on all of your awards!

  9. Thank you for including Marty and my family on the list... it helps. Things going well... Love, Esther

  10. Congratulations on all of your awrds ,you deserve them. I'm glad today is a better day for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers :)

    The Picture is Beautiful.


  11. Hey Polly,
    I love the pics. and and all the posts keep up all of the great work i know you will! :)


  12. You did the right thing and I'm so proud of you. One of the hardest things to do is to ask for forgiveness.
    I love the teapot!


  13. Polly,
    Today is the first time I have read your blog. I am so happy to find you! First I want you to know I too love, love, love Robin's creations, style and I have saved all her pictures articles etc. I know that we all find our ideas from what we see and what "speaks" to us.. So there is no shame in that.. You also admitted what you had done to EVERYONE in the world by posting it, and then you took care of it with John and Robin!! No wonder you are feeling creative today! No guilt..

  14. Polly! I had that very tin when I was little! It came from a company called Artex which were the very first roll on, squeeze tub paints for fabric, glass, etc. Inside was a huge plastic containter that stored each tube of paint. What fond memories you have brought to me by this picture. I used to sit for hours with my aunt and mom painting! They called it liquid embroidery...sigh. Those were sweet times.


  15. Can't wait to see the sofa when finished, this is a fun project. Congratulations on all your awards you are most deserving. Enjoy your crafting and have a happy weekend. I was tagged and now I tag you....Linda

  16. Polly, I'm so glad you came by my site today. Unfortunately, the draw for the Amy Grant book already happened yesterday morning. So sorry.

    You have a lovely site here.


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