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Inspired Boxing

I don't know what in the world got into me yesterday. I'm not sure that I was as creative as I was hoping I'd be but I sure made a good mess! I've put together a box of inspiration. Isn't that odd?! I have piles and piles of articles and pictures and cards that I've stock piled for years - literally, years! At the beginning of the Summer I started making an inspiration journal. It turned into a binder, then two, then three and then I realized that I can't possibly keep all the stuff that I've been collecting. I can't bear to throw out pretty stuff, even if it's just pictures of pretty stuff. I have pages and pages of old articles, pictures from old magainzes, pockets with ribbons folded in them, foldables (We do this in homeschool. Have you heard of them? A piece of paper folded four ways and cut so that it makes a little booklet.) These are filled of photographs. Some of my own photographs, some that I've saved or printed, etc. I was thinking of putting all this stuff on ebay one box at a time... would that be silly? And is it ok, do you think, to sell it if there's pictures collected from other people. I mean, I'd really have no idea for most of it, whose pictures they are or what magazines I ripped some of the articles from. What do you think? I'm not a scrapbooker so it's not nearly as "put together" as all you wonderfully artistic ladies do things. It was really just supposed to be for myself - just stuff that I thought was pretty. You know, like an Anthropologie catalog from several years ago, Rachel Ashwell pink match stick, cute phrases from magazines, etc. Just stuff. Lots and lots of stuff!

I've been meaning to tell you about this... If you live anywhere close to the vicinity of Galena, IL there's a hot air balloon festival and halloween parade next weekend.

Allyson Nagel, the creator of the Rotten Eggs will be at Season's Remembered on Saturday (27th) signing any of her pieces that you bring in. I have a couple of these and I wish so badly that I could go. We were planning to go but the kids have been sick with bad colds this week and I'm not sure that I want to have them outside that long, just in case it's chilly.

The shopping alone is worth the trip!!

Remember to check our prayer list. There have been a few new requests this week and these folks are counting on us.
My youngest son is still not feeling well so he and I will have an evening alone tonight. Daddy and the others are going to a swim party. Davis is so sad to miss it but we're going to have a fire, make smores, watch movies and eat popcorn. I apologize if I've not made it over to comment on your blog the last few days. I'm being mommy and I'm sure you all understand. Have a wonderful, wonderful Saturday! Blessings...


  1. I bet there would be someone out there that would like your boxes of stuff!! Heck maybe I would, we have a lot in common it seems, so let me know when you list!! Also,I think being a Mommy rates as a number one priority. Families are always 1st in my book. Well God is 1st then everyone else follows, I think you know what I mean:-)I like to keep my priorities straight and my life works out SO much better. Your evening with your son sounds much cozier than a swim party, you have room for one more??
    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I do hope your son is feeling better. The evening youhave planned sounds like one that will be a special memory for him someday:>)

  3. Polly..I know what you mean....I am being Mommy too..we are trying to catch up as we are a lil behind in Math this week and for some reason I have PILES of laundry! I am trying to get all my visits in here and there as well!

  4. I hope your son is feeling better soon!

    Maybe you can make 2 piles - keep and don't keep and then pass them along to someone else.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by..

  5. The inspiration boxes sound wonderful. I'm sure you would have bidders if decide to list...if you are able to part with your collected treasures:)

    I hope Davis is feeling better soon. Sounds like your evening will be a real treat for the both of you.


    BTW I have noticed that you do the Sunday church, I like that idea. Eventhough I will not post a message link, I might post a picture and a verse, hope that's OK to borrow your idea. If you would rather I didn't, just let me know:)

  6. Thank you so much for adding my prayer request to yours. I will pray for your son also. Thank you Polly for being a wonderful sister in Christ.


  7. Amthinking about Christmas myself and I like Amy Grant also. Good posts. Mary

  8. I hope Davis feels better soon. :)

    I think you would have plenty of bidders on your boxes of goodies! :)



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