Yellow Rose Tick Tock

2nd post today - Just spoke with our judge, Michelle over at Back Through Time. In order for her to have a life this weekend =) we're going to set the cut-off time for our Friday contest/giveaway at 10:00 p.m. central time Friday evening. So... make sure your blog post is complete by 10 p.m. central time. I'll post our winner Saturday morning! (p.s. This sweet clock is on if you're interested. And what a coincidence that the time shown is just after 10:00!)


  1. What a great clock! You really are seeing them everywhere! I'm looking around myself and I keep seeing everything but yellow! I'm seeing pumpkin orange...gulp...I hope I come up with something before Friday!


  2. Hi again Polly! Just had to say I was intrigued by the concept of odd/even parking-I've never heard of anything quite like that before!! We have a mail slot on our front door, that's what everyone has in the U.K., but we call them letterboxes!! I love finding out about all these cultural differences!!

  3. I wish I had some yellow roses. They are beautiful. And that cake stand is gorgeous! My mom's favorite flower is the yellow rose.


  4. You've pulled me right in again...I'm loving all these new friends... old joke..."what time is it?...time to get your own clock"...hissssss!!


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