A Simple Autumn Day

Reminder: Tomorrow is Yellow Rose Day!! 10:00 p.m. (central) is the cut-off for our posts - we don't want poor Michelle to be up all night =)
My youngest and I had a few hours to ourselves yesterday and I since I've been starting to work on Fall decorations (finally), this sweet little shop hit the spot! It's called "My Secret Garden"

I had to get this striped pumpkin! Since I've had a bit of buying spree lately, I only got the one but the sales clerk was telling me that she has them covering her bed! Wouldn't that be cool?!

She didn't mind a bit when I asked if I could show you all some pictures. I hope she'll have the time to take a peek.

As I was leaving this little scene reminded me that last year I bought some oversized metal pumpkins. Hmmm... wonder where they've gone off to...

There's a Goodwill right across the street (how convenient!) and I found these bottles for 50 cents. One with my initial and one with my son's - to commerate our day =)

Once I got home I started breaking out the Autumn colors... Our fireplace bricks are painted a metallic brown/gold. I hate the tile on the floor but the color of the bricks makes it a bit more tolerable. The whole room is an Old World style so the fireplace (and the terra cotta wall) really enhance the room's feel.

I got the mantle done and few other little vinettes but the big stuff will have to wait until we climb up to the storage area above the garage and find the outdoor items. Well, it's time to start the day... Have a wonderful time tomorrow with your yellow roses!


  1. Polly, your fall decorations look great. Plus, I love the little bottles. I am cleaning house today, but I hope to start on my fall decorating tomorrow.
    Have a great day.

  2. It looks lovely, and so Autumnal!! Love the photos of the little shop, especially the metal pumpkin carriage!
    I have a cushion very similar to yours, but not as nice!!
    I'll be seeing you tomorrow Polly!!xx

  3. I LOVE that green bench and the stuffed pumpkin! Oh everything is soooo yummy!


  4. Your fall decorating is beautiful! Love it! Cute shop! Congrats on the thift store! Love, Esther

  5. Looks beautiful, Polly! Loved the shop, too!


  6. Polly...I love the pumpkins! Can you imagine covering your bed with these, very cool!
    Your Fall decor is wonderful...
    And I'm loving the initial bottles.

  7. What beautiful decorations you have in your home. I'm not a great decorator so I wait for Christmas. The milk bottles are adorable and what a sweet time to spend with your youngest.


  8. Hi Polly,

    Your fall decorations are so lovely, that mantle with the white fencing and pumpkins is so cute! I can't believe you found those cute little bottles at the Goodwill, what a great find to mark your day!


  9. Oh Polly, everything is gorgeous. Those bottles are so cute. It was so sweet of you to take pictures of her store. I'm sure that she was loving you. Just like us, honey...


  10. Oh Polly, That shop looks divine and I love what you've done so far with your decorating. All I have done is put out my poor one little white pumpkin but I am working on it. Been working on an item for the website today. I look forward to the rose post tomorrow. Mine's gonna be pitiful but it's all I had. See ya' tomorrow. ~ Lynn

  11. Beautiful! All the pumpkins, I love them.
    Love Erin

  12. Polly, I love your fall decorating. Those bottles are an amazing find! Thank you for the pictures of the shop you visited. I loved the cherub piece!

  13. Your plump pumpkin is cute! I bet your home is soo lovely...
    And I am sooo glad you like the charms! Whew!lol!
    Seriously, Thank you.

  14. Beautiful fall decorations! It's still hot, hot here in Florida, haven't started decorating for fall yet.

    I've been posting my yellow rose items all week, more tomorrow! Is that all I do? Not sure how it works. Do you just post the addys (like the tea party virtuals?)


  15. Sooo pretty and inspiring. I am not ready yet. Love your mantle! That looks like my kinda store. cherry

  16. Just checking in....can't wait to see all the yellow Roses tomorrow......

  17. Such a neat shop, love the fabric pumpkins :) Thanks for sharing the pic's- nice job on your fall decorating :) Great find on those bottles !
    Happy yellow Rose Day :)


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