Yellow Rose Day

Happy Yellow Rose Day! I find myself sitting in front of my monitor this morning thinking, "I'm not sure how to play this game... I don't really have things that are ONLY yellow roses... I don't think my post will be good enough.. My showing is pretty meager...." Ok, I'm reminding myself that it's just for FUN and there aren't ANY rules! =) Michelle will be reviewing all the entries tonight and I'll post the winner tomorrow. (You can make your own rubix cube with any ol' picture you'd like here)

These are the other gals that are participating today if you'd like to see what they're up to:
If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know. You can still be added to the list - just make sure that your post is completed by 10p.m. (central).

As you may have guessed, I don't have a lot of yellow roses so I have to improvise today. I was at the market this morning and a bouquet of roses with the most HUGE blooms caught my eye. They were very pale yellow with just the tips red. Oh, they were beautiful! I took a picture with my cell phone (how bizarre would that sound to Mr. Alexander Graham Bell?!) but it takes so long to download the pictures to the computer, I decided that I'll just wait and show you later.

This is an old chromo print that my mom was selling at the store for some ridiculous price like $12!! I bought that one right up! It's a very large print but mostly all pinks. I love the chippy old frame!

This is the 3rd floor of that warehouse, up-scale antique shop I was at the other day. What luck! Yellow rose stained glass panels!!

No, that's not my room. I borrowed it... Have you been over to HGTV's Rate My Space? I hopped over yesterday because Penny's living room was the most viewed and the top rated! Well, I couldn't resist... I had to add a few pictures of my own little abode. Sure enough, an hour later, I was hooked! A person could sit for days looking at all the rooms across the world that are entered each day. Try it! But I warn you, it's nearly as addictive as blogging!

Hey, look what arrived... the photo album!! No, I know it doesn't have any yellow roses on it but it's so beautiful I just want to keep looking at it. Does the orange rose on the rubbish can count? I happened to see another old photo album on ebay... Oh, don't lecture me!

Look how cute it is!! Go ahead, you know you wnat to know the price...
79) Roses of all colors.
80) That with His artistic ability, He knew that we need more than one color and more than one type (of nearly everything) in order to truly fall in love with one color, one type, one person. 81) That in seeing all the variety, we instinctivly know He is our one true love. 82) That He is the Rose of Sharon, the lovliest of all, the most choice flower, the one rose that satisfies all of our senses.


  1. Polly,
    I love the idea of the 1000 blessings. Thanks for sharing your post again since I didn't start blogging until mid-August I didn't know anything about it.

    I was telling Sophie today in my comment that I don't have any yellow roses. So I updated my playlist to include Mama Liked the Roses by Elvis. I had to put something up. I realize that doesn't really count but I wanted to play anyway.


  2. Polly, I am in love with that old roses chromo....that kind of stuff is right up my alley and for $12.00...whoohoo. You always have such fun post to read. I had to go in town shopping today and couldn't wait to get home and read the roses post. What fun!

  3. Thank you so much for this challenge. I was not so Inspired, Artistically, but it inspired my heart to reach out to a very important friend, who in turn was reaching out to me. God sure knows what he is doing!:)
    I really like the mix of roses, and thank you for attaching the 1000 blessing post. It really gives you something to thing about.
    Love Erin~

  4. Nice cube! Never thought I'd see one with roses! You have plenty of yellow and I know I don't have much yellow either. Have fun with this game.


  5. Polly, some beautiful photos here! Thank you for adding me to your blog.....what room did you list on HGTV? Do you have a name or number so I can go give your 5 stars?

  6. Thanks for the pretty things to look at at the end of a long week.
    Love, Esther

  7. Once again another beautiful post and beautiful pictures. Please tell us what room is yours on HGTV!

    It took my almost all day to get mine posted! WHEW! Just made it!


  8. janice26Dear Sweet Polly,
    Once again, I stopped by for a moment and spent many, many moments reading your past weeks blogs. You are truly a shining light ~ I just added you to my list of 1000 blessings! PS~ LOVE the music, I am going to have to find that CD!!


  9. How Pretty! Such a Great Idea, I really Enjoyed all The Yellow Roses Today :)
    I LOVE The Rubix Cube & My Post is finally up, sorry I was so late with it ...


  10. I'm sad to yellow roses yes but no yellow. But, the Rose Of Sharon... I do know!!! Love Him....

  11. I have enjoyed your blog pics and entries. Lovely things. Off to check out that site you mentioned.

  12. I think that Orange Rose on the bincounts - I am sure I can see some yellow in there.

  13. Thank-you, so much for having yellow rose day. It was fun :)
    Love all your roses, that cube is so neat with one .:)

  14. Oooh Polly beautiful pictures as always, Your blog is always so lovely :)
    Thanks for Yellow Rose Day !

    Oh and i lurv that bedroom!


  15. Ladies, you have all been so wonderful with your posts and your thoughts! I love this blogging stuff!! And, Jan, I wish I could hug you...Your words touched me this morning! Thank you so very much. Blessings... Polly

  16. Hi you've got a beautiful site, I'm new to this blogging land, do visit my site at Oh and fresias are a beautiful yellow rose and I have one growing at home but had to recently prune it for its annual haircut! Anyways love the beautiful things on your weblog. Ta for now!


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