Magnolia Pearl Christmas

 I think I may have mentioned one (or five) times that I'm pretty stunted when it comes to holiday decorating at my house.  We have the gaudy tree filled with ornaments the kids have made and a hodge podge of Santa and Jesus things. (We've never let our kids believe that Santa is real but somehow figurines have worked there way into the abyss of the Christmas decor closet -I know, the no Santa thing deprives the kids of those magical feelings but somebody said to me once upon a time, "If you tell kids that there's a jolly guy you can't see that gives gifts and helps those in need... When they find out Santa isn't real, how will they trust you when you tell them that God is real?)  

Anyhow, every year I think that maybe this will be the year I discover my Christmas style.  I don't much care for red or green or even pink anymore.  I guess I lean more toward white and simple but I'm truly not one for no color or for lots of glitter (If you visited one of our booths recently that comment probably seems a little stunning, considering how much glitter we use.  But for my own house, I love Romantic, Victorian, French, Farmhouse... but not too much of any one of them.  I'm a bit of a gypsy like that I suppose.)  

I've often said that I'd like to know how Magnolia Pearl does Christmas decor.  THAT would probably be my style to a tee.   Well, now we have a little peek!  Go HERE and check out all the loveliness!

I'm definitely leaning toward a Magnolia Pearl Christmas for my studio!   The kids can take over the rest of the house but the Blessings Studio is all mine. 


  1. Wow!!! I myself, have always wondered what a Magnolia Pearl Christmas would look like. Of course I love it...simple rustic. Thank You!

  2. Whatever Style you choose I know that the Spirit & Meaning of Christmas is in your Heart and Soul!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Beautiful! I always love looking at Magnolia Pearl Photo vignettes.

  4. I've always loved Robin's style!! Thanks for this reminder. I'm off to her revel in her tattered and dreamy world....Happy Christmas!
    Roberta xo

  5. Don't you just love the fantasy Magnolia Pearl creates? It is fanciful and fun- xo Diana


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