Magnolia Pearl Moving In Sale??!!!

Never... Ever... in my entire life have I been so bummed to miss an event!!  
Yes, that is my lower lip quivering.
Can you even imagine something more wonderful than a moving in sale at Magnolia Pearl?  I might actually cry all day.

If you are even scarcely in the vicinity of Fredericksburg, please oh please - you must go for me.  Take pictures.  Give hugs.  Send me souvenirs.   =}


  1. Well like you I will be missing it :-( .Wish I could go.Lucky to those that can and yes pictures please :-)

  2. You speak right from my soul....i wish i could be there....
    but luckily i will go to Round Top in fall....Birgit XOXOXO

  3. Oh- I would love to see that sale. Can you IMAGINE????? Please send me the overflow of souvenirs that you get!;>) xo Diana

  4. I went, it was fabulous, her new place is just so beautiful. Sorry they were out of souveniers? Check my facebook for a few pics.

  5. I know... I'll bring the Tissues... and we'll commisserate together! Hopefully here in the Land of Blog those who were able to attend will Share the Experience in exquisite Details?!? *Winks* I'm heading over now to check out the Facebook Images others captured...

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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