My Gypsy Years

It's been about 4 years since I first posted this so I thought it might be ok to do my first ever re-post.  I saw an old Greyhound bus today and it reminded me so much of the one that I grew up in.  I so wish my kids could have the experience that I had... 
When I was a kid, we lived the Winter months of every year in a 1948 Greyhound bus. We always left the day after Christmas and drove to the Florida Keys. We didn't return until April. Mom was a homeschooler before homeschooling was even popular. My brothers and sister and I all attended a very small ACE school (Accelerated Christian Education) in our elementary years and my parents found a similar school on Marathon Key so we did all our work in the bus, or at a picnic table, etc. and then went into the Florida school once a week to get our work checked and take tests. Hmmm... I suppose it's no great wonder then why I love the gypsy look!


  1. Bless you, want a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  2. How interesting! I think we would love to hear more of the story!

  3. WHAT fun! I can only imagine what a wonderful life that was. I bet you kids just had a ball! xo Diana

  4. What fun memories.You are lucky to have experienced such adventure as a child.

  5. Tell us more! That is so interesting! karen....

  6. This is interesting in that my husband was saying that if we won the lottery (don't we all talk about that?) he wanted to buy a tripped-up trailer so we could travel around and the beautiful U.S.A. I would love to own a bus and travel around light and free. Your story is fun and I hope we hear more.

    Ollie B.

  7. Sounds wonderful!
    My kids also got a mostly ACE education...back when everyone looked down their noses at such a notion. Our relatives worried about it, but were polite. When they did finally go to public school, we were told, "We-eell, we'll have to test them, you know!". I'll never forget the surprised look when they came back to tell me that they tested out "well above average"!

  8. Funny how you can know a person for several years, yet not know them at all...I had no idea you grew up this way. Sounds like a blast..what great memories!

  9. Your were a little gypsy and wasn't it fun ? and you grew up and lived in a house LOL

    You must tell us more stories about your adventures, which was just every day life to you back then

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  11. I too fondly recall my Childhood of Traveling extensively and living a Gypsy Life. So many experiences, cultural exposure and Memories. Thanks for sharing your Special Memories!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Not an ordinary childhood I presume....


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