Hot Glue in My Hair

Yes, in my hair!  Our week has been like a train ride on a rollercoaster track.  If it wasn't the garage door, it was hot glue.  These simple cloth, french parasols are the project that, combined with 6th grade math, had me thinking all manner of bad words this week.  I have an ever-growing population of broken parasols but they are so sweet that I just can't toss them.  So I got the notion to rip them up a bit intentionally and add burlap in the gaps.

Thankfully, like homeschool, the end result is much prettier than the process!

Speaking of pretty, I had a few mismatched pointe shoes left over from projects past so I accessorized them. I'm thinking they would be so pretty on a Christmas tree.  It was one of those middle-of-the-night inspirations  and, you know, those rarely turn out as well (or as easily) as I pictured it at o'dark-thirty.  But I kinda like these.  I'm taking some to the markets that we have coming up in October but I'll try to list one or  two on the website if anyone is interested.

 A friend of mine gave me the idea for these hilarious glasses.  We don't drink but it was such a funny idea that I had make some for the next Kane market.  

I love the old silver punch bowl (and TWELVE cups) that I got a few weeks ago.  I was able to trade a petticoat lamp for it so the set cost me nothing (that's me doing a little happy jig in the background).  Mr. Blessing says that I'll never use it so I'm thinking we should serve apple cider in it at one of our markets... with the funky wine glasses!  If nothing else, it'll prove him wrong *smiles*

Remember the garage that I mentioned crashing into last week?  (The sordid details:  I backed out with the truck hatch open and yes, the garage door came off the tracks, the truck has a lovely dent in it and no, Mr. Blessing was not thrilled!)  Well this week the garage is loaded up with corn stalks and weeds (for lack for knowing what kind of weeds they are, I'm calling them plain ol' weeds).  We'll probably have mice in the garage but I told Mr. Blessing that I'm just diverting them from the house!  Again, he's not thrilled.

My 13 year old son finally did it!  I knew it was coming at some point what with all the skateboarding, parkour jumping and general 13 year old boy stuff.  On Sunday he broke his hand.  Well, technically it's just his pinkie knuckle but it still required an orthopedic doctor and a cast!

 We have been out junking a few times in the last week, looking for things to re-stock our inventory.  I never thought I'd reach a place when I could say that we have depleted my stash of junk!  But what a fun job.  In fact, I even found a new item for our farmhouse!  However, it was ridiculously relatively expensive so it's on lay-away.  I'm going over to the shop where it currently lives tomorrow to drop off a payment and have some visitation time with it.  I'll take some photos to share.

Hope your week has been filled with lots of junk too (minus the broken hand, fallen garage door and hot glue)!

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  1. Sounds like a truly hectic week. I had a garage-door-hatch-open nightmare a couple of years ago. The man around here was FULL of GRACE about it, as long as I promised to NEVER back the truck up with a load full of girls while talking on a cell phone--again.
    I love the little parasols. So shabby, sweet, and mysterious all in one. :)

  2. Ouch, honey! My son broke his femur at 16 and spent the WHOLE summer in a cast and mostly in the hospital. Motorcycle accident. He's given up motorcycles now. ;-)

  3. LOVE the addition of the burlap into the spaces of the parasols. And OUCH! Poor kid. Hope he mends well. Hugs!

  4. Adding the burlap to the parasols was brilliant!

    I hope your son will get better quick!


  5. Your story is so funny! but, I bet it wasn't for you. Hope all is looking better this week! Love all your projects too. I made some of the glasses 2 weeks ago, they will be given away at a Halloween Soiree I'm having. Visit my blog, I'm having a giveaway!!

  6. Love the parasols! I'm lucky enough not to have garage doors to worry about -- I've just got to remember that my husband still has the roof top carrier on the van and I can't go into any parking structures.

  7. Tell your son 'this too shall pass'. Your cowgirl wine glasses are fantastic. You could drink orange juice or koolade out of them. That is how I use my antique (grandmother's) crystal wine glasses. The glasses don't care, they just like to be held and used.LOL Nice blog. will be back.

  8. I love your wit and way with words.Your post inspires and delights me. Love all that I see. I shall return.

  9. Such a cool idea with the burlap strips in the old parasols!! Love it Polly

  10. I would like to know how to order some of your cowgirl stemware.


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