Do you include a gift with purchase when someone buys from your website?
My gift stash was running low so this week I've been working on some inexpensive handmade items.  I certainly don't consider myself a paper artist (It really is a craft that requires patience and talent) but I have lots of photos from beautiful boutiques and from traveling to amazing flea markets.  So I thought I'd use some of those pictures to make cards.

 The lovely mademoiselles were styled by Rebecca at Vintage Living.  And the Gypsy Soul sign was taken at the Junk Gypsy tent at the Texas Antique Shows. 

Come on over to French Cupboard and see what the other talented mademoiselles made this week!

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  1. Aw well those are very cute cards, that I think anyone would appreciate!! What a nice jester!!

  2. Oh my own French inspired dressing form in lovely as are the cards.

    I have a new French inspired post up on Metis Linens.

  3. Oh my own French inspired dressing form in lovely as are the cards.

    I have a new French inspired post up on Metis Linens.

  4. I think they are perfect and just the thought you put into them would be enough even if they weren't so darn cute! Love those pictures!

  5. it is always nice to get something a little extra.. I might just have to buy something to get one of those cute cards!

  6. I always send some extra goodies. It's important to let customers and friends know we take care in packaging and appreciate their business.

    Love the card, Polly, very cute!

    Hope all is super w/you ;)

  7. These are beautiful! What an extra nice gift for your customers.
    ~ Julie

  8. It is to take care of your customers when you include something extra in the delivery, and in the end that gives quality to the product. Your papercrafts are beautiful /Therese

  9. Yes, I do, give a little thank you gift. I know what you mean when you run out of them.

    These cards are wonderful!

  10. Just passing through... this is a really cute blog.

  11. Hello. I put your one button on my one blog. I thought it was cute. Come check it out some time.

  12. I consider you a paper artist ... look at those pretty tags! ... complete with your very own photography ... very pretty! And sending a little something extra is so sweet of you!


  13. I think anything you create whether with fabric or paper is always beautiful :) :) I haven't sold any knitting in a LONG time, so I'm not sure what kind of extra things I would do. however, when I was still living in Central Oregon, I would occasionally knit socks for money . I'd include a handwritten "thank you" note on translucent vellum paper with every gift ;) :) So I think a free extra goody would be a nice touch :) :) It will make the person remember their good shopping experience with you and hopefully bring them back along with some new customers :) :) Extra love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  14. Yup - I do include a small extra trinket. And you most certainly are an artist in every sense. Your tags are wonderful and meaningful as well.

  15. those are great really are a great photographer Polly - and most certainly are an artist - paper in fact :)

    and yes, I always send something's more personal that way - and I know I would love it when I bought something from someone

    anne marie

  16. Your photos are wonderful and the cards you have created with them are stunning! You are a true artist!!

  17. Oh Polly, you are definitely a artist...a very creative one at that! Yes, I always include an extra in each package that leaves The Vintage Nest along with personalized ribbons and tissue. And most are hand made. I have lots of repeat customers and I think the personalization is part of the reason for that. I just love Voila day. xo

  18. Your packages are wonderful and so sweet and personal. Thanks so much Polly for linking up to VIF! Love having you here!
    big hugs,

  19. Good afternoon, Polly,
    You little cards are so very cute. I'm sure your customers are pleasantly surprised. I also include a little handmade tidbit along with a hand written note. I'm glad you asked, as I have often wondered what others do?!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie


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