French FLOUR girl

About six months ago Mr. Blessing made a chicken wire mini dressform for me.  It was a practice piece for him.  He was trying to find the materials that would be just right for an idea that he had in mind.  I LOVE that he loves this junking business.  I also love that I get to use the pieces that he discards  =)

The other night while he was working at one of his "real" jobs, I pulled out the old chicken wire girl and made a batch of homemade paste with flour and water.  As I sat watching tv and talking with the kids, we ripped pages from a vintage French Literature textbook, dipped them in the paste and had a night of French paperie couture.
  A lace netting collar...  A cheesecloth rosette...

 A paper pocket...

Flared cuffs...

And Voila! 
If you would like to meet our French FLOUR girl in person, she'll be at the Spring Na-Da sale.

Come on over today to French Cupboard and visit the other Voila! participants of our French Inspiration party this week.
Big thank-you hugs to Jill (Gypsy Brocante) for hostessing the event for us.
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  1. Did I understand this made this yourself?
    Really georgeous, I like the idea so much....great art ;)
    Fine day

  2. You can send that fabulous French "flour" girl right on over in person to give me a hug ... she would be a welcomed addition to my mannequin family!! ... what a fun family project ... right down to Mr.FC making the form ... love him ; )

    Can't wait to meet Mlle. Flour at Na-da in person!


  3. Love her... I will be roadtripping it to Na-Da Sale. Hope to meet you there!

  4. That's just amazing! And I love the attention to detail -- the pocket and the cuffs.

    I'm having a give-away on the blog this month. Hop on over and check it out!

    Wanda @ Just Vintage

  5. This is gorgeous! Absolutely amazing!

  6. ...simply Fabulous!!
    she one elegantly wired woman!!

    xo, Rosemary

  7. OOOHHH!! I LOVE IT! So pretty!

    I wish I could wear it!! Unfortunatly I would need alot more paper! loL!!!
    Just amazing!!! creative!!!

    This is so much fun!! I think I'm on French overload!! NAH!!!

    Hope you don't mind me mentioning this! It is my one year blogging anniversay, so... as the french would say...Merci Beaucoup! I am thanking my followers by giving away something SPECTACULAR!! If you have a moment, hop on over to my blog and see what it is!!

  8. Polly, how interesting and fun! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh, I just LOVE your French flour girl! Brings back memories of paper mache projects in school, although not this glamorous.
    Wish I could see her at Nada.
    Thanks for sharing!
    - Susan

  10. I love this so much! I am tempted to try and make one.
    Maybe a little smaller :) Thanks for sharing.

  11. She is awesome! I think it's great that the whole family had a part in it.

  12. You need to give your paper lady a name. I named my dress form "Stella" hee hee!

  13. That is one of the most fabulous creations I've EVER seen! You must name her!


  14. What a great idea! Your little French flour girl is wonderful!

  15. love your new girl love her sweet flower in her pocket. Can't wait to meet you all. xo Laura

  16. What a wonderful, creative creation by you and Mr. Blessing! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment; I so appreciate you taking the time to visit. I just read your lovely profile and was blessed by your testimony and what you are doing in blogland. I didn't know you were responsible for Porch Magazine. May God continue to bless your business. Thank you for blessing others. I'm enjoying your French Cupboard blog parties. Thank so you much!
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!
    ~ Julie

  17. Oh Polly....count on you to do something wonderful like this! Now I wonder if Bobby G. can make me a chicken wire dress form...hmmmm. We are getting ready to line some of my kitchen cabinets with chicken wire. :) And yep, I think a bloggers trip to gay Paris would be perfect. I am already kind of planning a 2012 trip. xo

  18. Awesome! It's beautiful! Good for you. :)


  19. Oh Polly this is so cool... She is just beautiful, I love her! Such a great family project, I bet you all had great fun.
    Thanks so much for sharing on Studio Sunday

  20. that is soooooooooooooo pretty!
    Happy week,

  21. This has got to be the coolest thing ive seen in a very long time.! I have an old dress form , ive been unsure of what to do with.......thanks for the inspiration.........Bonnie

  22. Your french girl is gorgeous.She must be perfect for beautiful jewelery display. /Therese

  23. Stunning!!!! I just love your style.

  24. How neat she is so beautiful and so unique this was a really great idea.

  25. Polly, I just love the little french girl, she is just so cute!!!

  26. I never get tired of finding new ideas and seeing great projects people share on their blogs. I really love your french girl it is a wonderful whimsical creation.

  27. I'm just catching up on visits! Thanks for coming by! Love your paper lady! I've always loved your header, I hope you never change it!

  28. She is fabulous! It's just a wonderful creation Polly. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

    Ciao bella,

  29. Love the ruffle leg warmers. I need those to go with boots and leggings. :)


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