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This weekend Mr. Blessing and I finally, finally had the chance to meet Joy from Savvy City Farmer and her darling husband. Joy and I have tried to connect so many times over the years but it's almost comical how circumstances interfere. This weekend, she had a Shop The Shed sale and my only priority was to get to her sale. I didn't arrive until the afternoon but I heard there were hundreds of people shopping in the morning rain. Now that's the sign of a good sale! I took a few pictures before my camera battery died (hey, my priority was getting to the sale - not charging the battery *smiles*)...





The "Lake Shore Drive" sign is one of the amazing pieces that I brought home. It's special to me because when Mr. Blessing and I were newlyweds, our very first love nest sat right between C Street and B Street. Joy couldn't have known how much I would love this piece. For the many years that she held onto the post, looking for the right thing to adorn it with, she couldn't have known that her chippy sign was going to be dear to my heart.
How like God to make our much anticipated meeting all the more beautiful!


  1. I just love those signs - and the little bags of lavandule. Lots of good shopping there!
    Have a nice evening!

  2. So nice that you found and bought the sign that held sentimental value for you... love when that happens!

  3. Awesome! I've been wanting to organzie some sort of sale like the ones I read about in blogland. Barn sale or something...only problem is I need a barn! Shed Sale is an idea but I don't have that either. I live on a culdesac in a subdivision, not much character there. I guess I will start looking for someone nice enough to lend me their barn, shed or field in the country somewhere!

  4. oh Polly, Polly...
    your sweetness makes my heart pitter patter ...
    I did not know the part about B Street ... what a delightful story ..
    Mr.savvy and I had the most fun designing that sign ...
    the evening we finished it was about 80 degrees out ... we poured a glass of wine and just stare-d at it ...
    not believing how perfectly the two pieces married.

    can't wait to meet again!

  5. p.s. looking at these beautiful pictures, I guess it's clear that I love making signs!

  6. Oh, these photos are great and I am still "oohing and ahing" over all the lovely items :) :) Oh, I love the story behind the street post....very romantic and well, very ro mantic. ) :) :) I think you were definitely meant to bring that home!!! That's so cool you could finally meet up with your friend!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. ~*~That is just wonderful!!! What a blessing to finally meet eachother..and that wonderful sign was meant for you!! HUGS~ Rachel~*~

  8. Oh, It looks like a great event, wish I could have been there. so many wonderful creations by Joy!

  9. That is so cool that you met Joy and was able to shop!!! I would love to meet her and You.
    deb :)

    nice sign too

  10. Hi Polly...glad to see you finally met - that sign is cool...and perfect for nice!!

    talk soon.
    anne marie

  11. I love the old signs and I am a huge lover of lavender ... I am getting out and blot again in the blog.. I have been playing around FB for a while but really love the blog..

  12. Polly,
    Sweet Serendipity! I love how you wrote "first love nest"...that must mean you're still building nests filled with love. The sign...a sign from above!

  13. Hi,
    I am in loooove with your fabulous sign, what a lovely work of art and how wonderful that it has such a special meaning for you! It's just perfect!
    Have a great day!

  14. Love your sign Polly! Good for you. xo

  15. Hi Polly! I'm so glad you got some pictures of Joy's sale! I brought my camera but it was very crowded and raining when I was there so I didn't take any pics. LOVE the sign you bought!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T


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