Harvesting the Fields


Happy Harvest time!

I drove through one of our local burger joints yesterday and they had such pretty hydrangea blooms drying on the branches that I asked if I could clip a couple. Yep, I just opened my car door, right there in the drive-through! Every chance I get, I'm soaking in the colors. Around here, Autumn can disappear overnight and then you awake to gray, cold skies so I'm bringing in a bit of the harvest colors just in case.


Does it seem that the weather has been unusual this Fall? It's been unseasonably warm here in Illinois and while we were in Texas a couple weeks ago, the weather was simply gorgeous. Normally it's almost unbearably hot during the Antique Shows but we had lovely breezes during the day and warm evenings. It was delightful hosting a casual plein air dinner with the gals from Gypsy Fish and Gypsy Brocante. I love the "field apples" they put inside the dressform for the centerpiece. This year, Autumn in Texas wasn't that much different from Autumn in the midwest.

So I guess the moral of story is: No matter the weather pattern and no matter if the field is beyond the prairie or beside the drive-through let's harvest morsels of Autumn beauty!


  1. Hi Polly, oh, I so agree, be aware of Fall around you, because all of the sudden it's gone and it's 35 degrees! I'm crazy about that dress form with the hedge apples. I need to remember this one!! Love it! Polly if you have time, I'd love for you to link in with Vintage Inspiration Friday. These images are gorgeous, not to mention the dress form!!!

  2. Yes, fall is such a fleeting seasons, that we must grab what we can get. I always wish it would last longer. :)

  3. What a lovely post! Thank you for reminding me to see the good and beautiful everywhere, in every season.

  4. So sweet! I do adore hydrangeas! And lucky you to get some at your drive thru!

  5. The photos are gorgeous as usual :) :)...I've never been bold enough to ask for a clipping...BUT I do ask to take photos of nei ghbors flowers...if the neighbor is home...If not, then I don't take the photo :) :) The weather in Oregon has been unusual, too...lots of cooler weather this summer combined with really quick changes in weather. We didn't have the usual warm summer rains this year...maybe one, but that was it...Hmm...well, either way, I'm still enjoying the weathere here too...and Autumn is showing off some fabulous colorings right now :)Not only that, I think I can smell rain in the air tonight!!! Yeah!!! Lovely post!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Your blog is so breathtaking it is beyond belief!!!
    Just thought I'd tell you..it's all gorgeous!!!

  7. Your photo's are just beautiful. The cooler weater here in South Texas is a blessing. I love to turn off the ac and open all the doors and windows. Enjoyed your post today...have a great weekend !!

  8. We have been blessed with unbelievably beautiful days this fall. It is so nice...enjoy your weekend!


  9. This time of year is gorgeous...and it's wonderful to see everyone's take on it. Yours is just lovely, as always Polly.

    Ciao bella,

  10. Your positive outlook and attitude is just what moving into an Autumn Vibe requires for an abundant Harvest of all things beautiful and good this Season!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Polly, I love your photos and I love the moral of your story....so true. I am so jealous that you have gotten to meet Joy and the other ladies. What a treat! I will be meeting a blogger tomorrow and I am so excited. xo


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