Vintage Wiring

Yesterday I was on the phone with my mother-in-law when Mr. Blessing jumped in front of me and breathlessly declared, "The electrician has to knock out the ceiling, ok?"

Hmmm... I'm not exactly sure what response he was looking for!
But after hours of having a very patient professional working on our "vintage" wiring, we have power again! The garage door opens, the bathroom light goes on and off when it's supposed to, and the circuit doesn't blow when we run the microwave and the dishwasher at the same time. And only a small portion of the ceiling is missing! However, since we've had a bit of a mess around here, I thought I'd show you something pretty from my mom's house...

She decorated her dinning room chairs with aprons for our Sunday dinner!
And Mr. Blessing gave me little gift today to make up for the mess.
Yep, it's a key to the messy house!
He got it at our little local hardware store but you can get your own here.


  1. you crack me up ...

    hoping to hear from you via email ...I lost your address

  2. Johnny's so nice to come home to!
    Love the aprons on the chairs...that really says Sunday dinner.

  3. I love the apron on the chair, what a cute idea!

  4. I love vintage, AND power!! The apron idea is darling!

  5. Aren't old houses wonderful? Electrical work is one of our upcoming projects. Thanks for the preview!

  6. Glad you can run two appliances simultaneously now! Tee! Hee! The aprons decorating the chairs are so cute!

  7. Vintage wiring is a challenge, that's for sure. :) Glad yours is finally working properly. I like the key, too.

  8. you know I love that key Polly....glad you're back from your trip :)

  9. Electrical issues are such a pain, but then when they are fixed, such happiness! I love your blog as always, been away for a bit so I really enjoyed catching up with your posts!
    Donna Lynn

  10. oh lucky you- I wish someone would repair some of my wiring- LOVE- the apron on the chair!

  11. Love how your mom used the vintage aprons on her chairs! What a cute idea!!!


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