Yesterday afternoon I came across a link to this scrumptious looking site...
But I'm very preplexed by it. So perplexed in fact that I was even thinking about it in the middle of the night.

The ever so darling buttons are in English but all the descriptions are in (I think) Korean.

I visited the Question & Answer page but found myself more confused. Of course, I couldn't read a lick of it so I don't know what kind of answer I was expecting.

It might not matter so much but for the fact that there are links for "login" and "join". It's just not fair to make something so cute & and to lure us in with little bits we can understand... And then tempt us to join. I want to join! I don't have the slightest notion what this site is about, but now I want to join!

Can you imagine - a website about dressforms that you can join?!


  1. Crazy! I do have a translator on my google chrome page and clicked translate, few things translated but not the important things and no prices? Anyway did you notice the phone # on the bottom?
    126-12-45317 check for international prefix on the web. I can't seem to understand their e-mail address. Too much work Polly! Have a great Sunday Ciao Rita

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  3. I agree with Michelle, they've "lifted" some photos. They have some nice ones for sale, but I'd not want to buy from them, too iffy.

  4. ...I went a little farther and tried to order the lovely rose linen one with the curvy metal ball feet tripod, you know, for the sake of science of course!! I knew it was a no go when I got to the part about "social security # not necessary ~ yet" I was thinking yah~NO!!! Also, I was thinking, here is a seemingly lovely product that would enhance my studio, BUT what information am I giving away that could actually be used against me???!!
    It is a very temptingly lovely site, but my gut says, if you are 1/2 in english and 1/2 korean(which would'nt translate!!)
    do you really want my business???
    I'm with you Polly, perplexed...and now I fell ripped off for them to use such romance inspired pictures that leave you wanting more...and just WhERE are those necklaces I ask you?!
    Oh what a curious world!!
    xo, Rosemary

  5. I'm with every comment so far...much too iffy and I couldn't find a better word to describe the home page, it's definitely scrumptous but I just can't imagine why any store would need a social security! Rosemary said it, "what a curious world."

  6. Well what a shame, at least there was plenty of eye candy for you to see. A dress form is on my wish list, been on the list for so long - maybe one day

  7. Polly, we've got a bunch of thiefs going on here. On their website, the picture of the manny with the rhinestone necklaces belongs to Laurie of Chippys. How can they do that?


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