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I say it every year!

I don't care for traditional Christmas colors and someday I'm going to get around to decorating with more chic shades, something more "me".


I've let it all swirl about in my head long enough!

I've decided that "my" Christmas color is the color vintage and even though our gaudy tree must continue for kids, I'm setting up some vintage-y vignettes this week.

What are your Christmas colors?

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  1. Polly I know it is hard to get away from those traditional colors, but I do like whites and pastels any time of year. I have seen some amazing displays blog hopping around the Vintage Christmas Monday ~ I think you would enjoy it too. Judi

  2. My colors the same, vintage :) Like yours, I too just do my own thing and the tree is the tradional one, one day that too will change! Have fun decorating.

  3. All of them! I really think Christmas isn't Christmas without colored lights on the tree, lots of red, green, gold, silver in decorations around the house. That said, I'm using printouts of Christmas carol music on ivory cardstock in a lot of my decor this year, along with vintage clipart images. I do think there is a place for both, and all in the same room!

  4. Welcome to the Vintage Christmas Mondays blog party ongoing each Monday now until Christmas. If you could add a link to the party or a link back to my blog so your readers can find the other participants I would appreciate it. I see the comment that lead you to me!!

    I have added you to a list and what a wonderful addition you are. xo Joan, your hostess.

  5. I struggle every year with Christmas "colors"...and as wrong as it is, my downstairs (family room) is whites, chocolate and Robin's egg blue and upstairs (living/kitchen/dining) are more traditional gold, green and red. Everyone always says your home is "supposed to flow"...from one room to the next. Mine does not! Oh, well! It works for me though, I guess! Love your blog! Andrea

  6. My Christmas colors...are whatever my kids decide...for me...it's all about making it memorable for them...even if it's with the ugliest ornaments ever...which it usually is...lol.

  7. I love how you describe your christmas color as "vintage". I find myself creating things with black and white with silver accents. Everything I have been making this year involves sheet music, vintage german glass glitter,black glitter, and silver tinsel. Oh, and vintage script and silhouettes.

  8. Love the non-traditional too, and all things sparkly and wonky that just might look like they would be wonderful on the tree. It's always a surprise and turns out completely perfect.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


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