I don't drink coffee.

I'm a straight Diet Pepsi girl but I love the smell of coffee! I think it must remind me of my childhood home. My parents always had coffee brewing or a cup cooling. Last week I was working on some rosehip filled sachets for the holiday season and decided to fill a few burlap sachets with coffee - just to try it out. Oh My! I had no idea how the scent would fill the house. No idea how this common scent would entice feelings of home and family. Like how the smell of a newborn makes moms remember their own sweet babies. Like the smell of old books... Like the smell of rain... Funny how a simple scent can represent so much.

For we are to God the aroma of Christ...


  1. Oh what a beautiful post! So much meaning. So insightful! And the combination of lace and burlap mixed with the aroma of coffee ~ absolute genius! Can't drink coffe, but adore the aroma, so you've presented a way to have coffee and enjoy it too! Have a lovely week ~ Angela

  2. I, also, never drank coffee but absolutely love the smell of it. Just brings memories although we didn't drink it in my childhood home. Funny how that works, sugar. Pepsi?!?! My drink of choice also!

  3. UHMMM! the smell of coffee!! Love it and love to drink it also! In fact, always start my day with one and without it life doesn't taste the same!
    Great photo!
    happy new week,

  4. There is no finer smell than that of a can of coffee just opened. I can only imagine that is what your sachets smell like! I AM a coffee drinker and when it tastes as good as it smells, I am over the moon happy!
    Great idea!

  5. I am a coffee addict like no other, so the smell of it is something I love. I think I'm going to have to borrow your idea and make a few of my own sachets! ;) Beautiful photo as well.


  6. Hi Polly,

    I love my coffee and part of that is because I remember the smell filling my grandparents home and making me feel so safe and cozy. What a lovely idea to bundle up that fragrance :)


  7. How coffee is cooled on the table and I just washed my first burlap bag in the washer. Thanks for the story (I too am a diet pepsi girl...)

  8. I am speech less when I saw these, Really it is mind blowing dear, it is not a joke, if peoples see it clearly and they having ability to analyze them so it is useful fr him.


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