Vintage Holiday Market

Happy Friday!
Even though we work from home, Steve and I still look forward to Fridays. There's just something about the idea of turning off the work and doing something spontaneous that is so cheering. We don't have any specific plans this weekend so that means it's fair game for all sorts of fun possibilities.
In this season of craft shows and flea markets, there's a bunch of Autumn & Holiday things going on every weekend! I know lots of you are setting up (to sell) at various shows and some of us are visiting for inspiration. It's one of my favorite times - weekends in the Fall!
If you're shopping from home this weekend (It's cold here in the Midwest!), check out Friday Flea Market and the new vintage holiday market, Christmas Past.
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Just finished up the Dec issue of Romantic homes - and there you were! Congrats!! Love, Esther

  2. I have not been here in a while....I just got my copy of Romantic Homes and saw your pretty face on the back page. How wonderful and the pictures were beautiful.

    I love what you are selling......I have my eye on a few things and am so bummed because I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE 1ST TO GET PAID AND I KNOW THEY WILL BE GONE :(

    I just spent a glorious 20 minutes looking through your blog.....and the French cupboard blog too. Hope things are going well.

    It is such a pleasure visiting welcoming.

    I will be back.....very soon~Sheri

  3. Hi Polly! I absolutely love the interview on Romantic Homes. I saw the cute wallets and wondered who made them, and there you were! Love it! Congrats!


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