Ta Da!

I'm sleeping in today... finally!

After 12 years... I have my very first GRADUATE!

(You might get a pop-up after the video starts - it's harmless. Just close it out)

Only 3 more to go... And the youngest just finished kindergarten. Oh Father, give me longevity and wisdom and a few moments of sleep...


  1. Congrats!! Hope you are napping in that lovely swing!

  2. Congratulations to you AND your graduate! I love the Mom song, lets see her make up some words that fit 18 year olds! LOL, it's a whole new tune let me tell you! I hope the swing in the photo is yours, it's so gorgeous. If it is, you deserve a little down time in it:>)

  3. Oh, that video was hilarious!

    Congratulations on your child's graduation!

    Have a nice time sleeping in!

    That chair swing is beautiful with that crocheted canopy! :)

  4. your funny!

    that looks like the most inviting spot for me today..I'm beat!!

  5. Oh my, do you truly have a "swing"??? I'd love to have one of those. If so, where in the world did you get it, sugar?!

    It will all be completely forgotten in the years down the read. Trust me on this one, chickee! My kids are not reminding ME of things I'd forgotten or don't even remember happening. *Sigh*...........


  6. Congratulations to you and your gradute...WHooHoo! Happy resting!

  7. Rest girl, REST!
    You have made it through your first graduation...yay! Congrats to you (& the little one)...the next ones will be a piece of cake since you are officially a "graduation pro".
    everything vintage

  8. Congrats on your fist graduate! Wait til the nest empties! Then one comes back, then they leave, then you have grandkids. They all come for Sunday dinner. And holidays....!! Life is so good, Hooray for Families!! I said hooray for families!!! All because a man and a woman fell in love long ago and joined together in marriage! Yessss!

  9. p.s.

    I have the video..isn't it cool?!
    Thank you for sharing!


  10. Congratulations! I would love to say it gets easier after the first...but you know I would be lying. Each one is an adventure and a little more crying.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hope you get to sit and rest in that beautiful swing....m.

  12. That stunning hammock looks like pure, comfortable bliss!

    How joyful that you've got your first grad, I bet that is a wonderful feeling :)

    Wishing you a marvelous weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  13. I love your site and your creativity. I am adding it to my blog and clicking your "Follow" button. Please visit and if you like what you see after browsing a while, please be sure to click My "Follow" button and also add me to your blog for continual updates and inspiration!

  14. Congrats to the Grad! But, we have a ways to go until our "baby" is out of the nest! Mine's finishing up 1st grade ~ The time will fly sis, let's relish each moment (while we get some relax time in as well!) I LOVE the Hammock Chair! xoxo

  15. Hard emptying the nest, let me tell you ... Congrats on & to the graduate!
    Will you share space in the swing, please?
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  16. Congratulations to the graduate AND you sweetie! xorachel

  17. HI POLLY (:)
    Always fun to come an see the pretty things you share..
    hugs, Patty

  18. Polly ~ (Oh well, he's healthy, he's behaving, he's growing up... It's hard to imagine that he's becoming the man that I raised him to be. *sigh* My heart hurts a little. ...but I have 3 more to go.) You said it all here, I feel the same, I respect his decisions, but still the heart misses that special once in a lifetime moment ... Congrats on your sons achievements & step into adulthood.
    TY for coming by, Polly, I hope you will be back.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  19. Congrats to you and the graduate. Loved the video and can honestly say I've used every quote she sang. :)


  20. i just posted this to my blog today because it was perfect for the morning i had!


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