Vintage Veil

On Sunday we attended a 50th anniversary party for my aunt & uncle. Seeing her vintage veil got me longing for some beautiful old wedding lace. Yes, I have buckets of old lace but you know how moony I get about good old lace.I found this wedding dress last Spring and I'm still moving it around from one room to another so that I can admire it all the more. Right now it's a makeshift window treatment in the living room.
Sometimes when I really need a romantic fix, I visit this scrumptious shop!
I love the look of lace in the outdoors. Something rustic, something delicate.. I found this one Here
I've been admiring this one at Faded Plains for while.
Is it ridiculous to want lots of old wedding dresses just to decorate with?


  1. I had to come by and tell you that I have 3 - and bought them thinking I would use the lace for something uniquely creative....I took the scissors out...COULD NOT DO IT!
    So now, I admire them on Betty, my dress form....
    which I should rearrange her, she needs to have a differnt view
    (I know- sounds weird after writing about it doesn't it)

    you aren't alone.....;) tee hee

  2. When you think about what a wedding dress is...could there be anything more romantic? I love the look of rustic and lace's just so dreamy. I say, if it makes you happy, keep on collecting!

  3. Gracious me! I think it's a lovely, lovely idea using vintage wedding dresses in decorating. Beautiful.

  4. I believe that the wedding dress is truly one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! It's so romantic and nostalgic! I was married almost 32 years ago. My dress is still at my mom's. It really looks old-fashioned, and I would be so joyed if one of my granddaughters would wear it one day.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.



  5. while i was out shopping with my mom last week, i saw the most amazing vintage hand made wedding was made of all different laces and it was had a wax flower head piece that went with it...just stunning!!! your dress is lovely too:)

  6. The lace dress from Faded Plains is so beautiful, love the way the top part is made.

  7. Loved the post and especially the pics...what beautiful lace!
    Makes a gal go aaahhhh!

  8. Not ridiculous at all. I love the old lacey wedding dresses.

    Thanks for leaving such kind comments and for entering the giveaway. Good LUCK!!


  9. I got married again in 2003. My daughter & son bought my dress for ME! Quite a twist of fate. I did not want white but I "finally" gave in because the dress was made just for me. I felt so very beautiful & special I shall cherish it always. Thank you for bringing back those memories...sharon

  10. There's just something about wedding dresses. Whenever I see vintage ones, the old lace and details just make me melt.

  11. I have some lace from my MIL's 50's wedding gown...and her pearl head piece.. She gave it to Kailei years ago to "play dress up with" so it's pretty much in pieces now, but I just can't part with it!


  12. I just love vintage lace too ~ I need to start looking for wedding dresses ~ I am always looking for vintage prom dresses ~

  13. Those vintage wedding dresses are beautiful Polly! I love the old cherub too. Hope you are having a great spring! I am having my 400 post custom mosaic giveaway...come visit!

  14. Always Lovely and romantic Polly (:)Fun to come here~
    hugs, Patty

  15. Not ridiculous at all to decorate with old wedding dresses. I have my grandmothers 1920's one on show. Unfortunatly time has not been kind to the fabric. I love that first dress you have photographed.

  16. There just is no better lace than that found from days of old.

    Make sure you come by and visit my blog. It's my 200th post and you're featured.

  17. Fabulous photos! Thanks for the link to the ebay wedding shop! Lovely things! :)


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