The Ol' Standby

Is there any rhyme or reason to what we claim as a "favorite" item? I have two favorite kitchen utensils. 1) A little old pitcher with crazing and discoloration. It's too small to be used for much of anything on a daily basis but it's perfect for occasional things like warming syrup at breakfast or gravy at dinner. 2) A gianormous sterling spoon that I seem to use for everything.
One is small and has very specific uses while the other is huge and used for nearly all my cooking & baking & serving.

Not unlike each of us. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God... Sometimes we get a special assignment. Sometimes we're the ol' standby. Seems random, but God knows where we are most useful.


  1. I love that spoon. I collect big spoon to use in my kitchen. They are great. Think I have about four or five. Some are not real old, but two of them are. They are my favorites. That pitcher is nice too. I also love old mixing bowls.

  2. You could use it for a coffee creamer.

  3. I have that lil ole spoon! I never use it. Now I have to pull it out...

  4. I collect old, white, crazed creamers and I love them! I love your anaolgy with how there are different kinds of service.

  5. The second I clicked on your blog, I was in love with that huge spoon. Can easily see why both are favorites. I love using the same things over and over again too. Comfort and coziness I think and both your pieces say that to me in what you've said you use them for while serving meals to your family.
    Happy night!

  6. Being that I have THAT EXACT SPOON and a simlar pitcher - I would have to agree - accept I think I like my wooden spoons...but seriously- how can you choose??

  7. I love your bible verse. You know sometimes we wonder why we sometimes feel like the ol standby....but God does always have a plan. Sometimes its great to have a special assignment too. God loves to work with ordinary people. I love both your items....i can see why they are your favorites.

  8. I have some favorites too...they just feel right. Most of the ones I love are antique and have been loved before...

    Loved your Post


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