I thought I'd share some sweet repurposed items that I saw in one of our neighboring towns. Thriftique is located in Roscoe, IL in a historic two story house.
The owner told me that she found these folding doors in the shed out back when they purchased the house.
Now that's a window treatment!
What are you repurposing this week?


  1. I'm grabbing my wallet and I'm out the door.

    I might live close to this town, I hope, I hope

  2. My daughter moved in with us for a spell so our weekend was spent repurposing alot of items for storage etc.
    I love these images. What perfect ideas!!!
    Have a lovely day!

  3. My re-purpose this week was just a teensy simplier! I took some old wallpaper and made a May Day Basket out of it for a swap. Fun to do, and nice to use up some wallpaper scraps!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  4. I've enjoyed your clever of these shopowners...I love clever...just wish I had more of it...

  5. love 'em all...but my fav. is the door screen -

    hope you had a great weekend!!

  6. I'll be repurposing cardboard boxes full of stuff into an organized home, LOL! :)

  7. Very cute! My favorite's the window treatment. We have something like that in our kitchen window with french enamelware hanging from it. I'll be repurposing tin ceiling tiles this week (or at least I hope to ;)
    Happy Week!

  8. Cool, I love things that are used for something other than they were originally.
    Linda Q

  9. What a great shop. Wish we had shops like that here...but no luck. Have a super week! By the way, love your new banner with the green cute!

  10. That is great inspiration! Love the pictures!

  11. What a neat store...I love to bump around inside that place checking everything out. I love the old phone...great business card holder. :-) Cute Met Monday post...loved it! Susan

  12. Great find ! Love the old telephone card holder:)


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