Whatnot Wednesday

It seemed like a fitting day to just share some whatnots. Wanna play along? I was thinking of making it an informal thingy hosted over at French Cupboard. In case you aren't familiar with WHATNOTS, here's the freedictionary.com definition... Noun - miscellaneous rarity, something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting

It's maniacal, I know, but if you're interested leave me your vote and I'll try to get it somewhat organized.

In the meantime, feel free to peek at the UnCommon whatnots over at the French Cupboard.

(My kids are always losing pencils because apparently once the tip is dull, it's ok to throw them at each other or behind the tv, wherever... So I've tied them up in groups of two ~the pencils, not the kids~ and they don't get another set until the first two are returned to me for sharpening. If nothing else, it saves the hassle of digging pencils out of the curtains.)


  1. What a pretty way to tie up pencils - love it!

  2. Brilliant ideas! Gorgeous pictures!

  3. What a lovely way to keep them organized! ~Lisa

  4. Your too cute...and your photos are too!

  5. I have lots of UnCommon whatnots! hahhahah and I so LOVE what you did with the Box Springs!!!!!!!! What a hoot........ I have an old one and I am putting it in my garden grove that we are creating this summer and putting little clay pots in it and letting it GROW ....... I will take pictures!

  6. HI there! I LOVE the pencils, you've made such a simple item seem so beautiful and worthy!!!!

    Have a magical day!

  7. I had no idea what an "official" whatnot was until now ;) Thanks Polly!...hehe!

    Oh and your pencils...befitting of Somerset Life...you should send them the photo for consideration!

  8. I love my whatnots!! My favorite things. Great post sis, and gorgeous photos!! Hope you have a blessed day today, take care and be happy and at peace, xoxo


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