Unconsidered Trifles

I was just reading a 1919 article over at Brocante Home about how a married couple came upon the notion that although the husband was the bread winner and the bill payer, it was the wife who controlled the household spending. Learning prudence, living without the previously unconsidered trifles, turning her home into a business... made their lives and homes a delightful source of interest.
I think the words of a 1919 housewife reflect a seed that has sprouted over the years as a thought, but in 2009 is blooming and flowered. Many households are today finding themselves dependant on one rather unsuspecting income. Housewives spanning the globe are finding that their pretty "hobbies" now add to the bill purse... actually contribute to paying for groceries and filling the gas tank. We're scaling back the budget so we can live doing what we love. Arm-in-arm working jointly with our husbands, within our budgets. Sure, we've always been about making our homes lovely on a budget. It's been a popular theme. But we're suddenly about creating the ambience in our homes, not with linens and decor but with unfettered joy. Old fashioned indeed, but not a step backwards even a bit.


  1. i agree wholeheartedly, we may be looked down upon some for not having the nice to five job but i enjoy being at home and using by hobby of photography to earn a little extra.

  2. Bravo!
    Well said. Well noted. And I agree completely.

  3. You said it baby! I agree.

  4. Perfection in a Post Sis - I enjoyed reading this so much :) How true it is, and I totally agree with how much we, as housewives, add to our families. What a blessing it is to be able to help. xo

  5. Very timely, as indeed, what was once was just for fun is now for groceries! working, arm-in-arm with our husbands...I love it!
    Thanks for the encouragement Mr.AND Mrs. Blessings!

  6. How true! I've been a stay at home "wife" even before we had the baby...for awhile now and my little antiques business helps pay bills on the side as well. I just pay them each month on my own out of my little account and I think it helps a lot! And my Dear Hubby appreciates the relief from some of the burden.

    Thank you for your thoughts on R. Ann and Andy!

  7. You've stated out loud, what many women have been thinking. The 9 to 5 gig is sooo over-rated, and it has costed families dearly. I remember being a stay-at-home mom ~ being asked by an obviously wealthy career woman "So what do you do?" Admitting that I was a full time homemaker didn't make me cringe nearly as much as what came out of her mouth next. "I wish we could afford to do that." You see, my husband and I could never really afford for me to stay at home with my children, but we did it anyway. I just learned how to be creative in how I managed things at home. I'm sure my now adult children would agree that it was worth it.

  8. Oh I'm right there with you...agreeing all the way! I've loved working with my husband arm ~n~ arm since 1994...now the business shape just looks a little different, learning and tweaking as we go to meet the demands, minute by minute.

  9. Hello! I scooted here from Flickr. You have a most lovely place ~ it will surely take many visits to see the beautiful offerings you have.
    Kind regards, ldh

  10. I am so happy to be counted amoung that old fashioned mind set. I don't feel I have regressed but have finally found my real place... I love it:-)

    BTW I am keeping you and Mr. Blessings in my prayers.


  11. I absolutely agree...beautiful post! And I also wanted to thank Mr. Blessings for his sweet comment on my post. Thank you!

  12. I love this post! Sounds a lot like the Proverbs 31 woman doesn't it?

  13. Lovely post, just the direction I'd like to go


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