The Tale Begins...

Do you ever have a story to post but there aren't pictures to coordinate with the topic? Since today is one of those days, I thought I'd just throw some pretty pictures in for viewing enjoyment but they really don't help tell the story one little bit.
Before I begin my story, I want to tell you about something that I read not too long ago. Taken from a little bathroom book of inspirational thoughts (why do such books exist? inspiration on the potty!!) it told the tale of a man who jogged everyday at the park. One day at the start of Winter, he woke to find that the trail had been covered with snow. He was the first to arrive at the trail so there weren't any footprints to follow but he had traveled the trail so often that he knew its general twists and turns. He forged through and finished his daily jog. ...It was a story about faith ~ About waking up one day and having to faithfully follow the trail that you know is there even though you can see it.
My story ~the one that's been lurking ~ begins like this... Mr. Blessing, my dreamy husband, and I suddenly found oursevles unemployed in the weeks before last Christmas (yes, just weeks ago). But that's only the first sentence of this story. The second is this: When I went to bed that night, there was a verse just for me in the sequence of Psalms that I'd been reading every night... (And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands. -Ps 90:17)

I'm excited to tell you all the pieces! But let me leave you with this for today... There's a computer printed paper sign on my fridge now. It's been there since the morning after...


  1. Wise words!!!
    I enjoy your blog so very much and I hope that you and Mr. Blessing will be Blessed with God's plan for you very soon!

  2. I love that. Walking by faith. Like my daughter told me one day...Trusting isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's the most necessary thing to do.
    I'm reminded of the scripture, and I might be turning this around..."You are a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path" or vise versa!
    Have a wonderful week walking in faith.
    God bless

  3. Hi Polly,

    I know that God has a perfect plan for you both and I am excited to hear the pieces :) I have to tell you, I am in a similar situation and just seeing that note on your fridge gave me hope.


  4. Wow Polly,
    I believe those words were for me! I too have a story and that has just helped me out!

    thank you! I'm sure you've just helped others out too!!!!

  5. Thank you for this beautiful post you wrote today. I feel you are talking to me personally!!


  6. I love that particular verse. I read Psalms 91 every morning before work and many times I read the verse before it as well. I have lived by the grace of the Almighty for the past 7 years as a single mother, working, going to school. I know better than anyone how faith comes into play with our daily walk. This past year for me was a year of miracles that God placed in my life after many years of walking by faith. He is so good.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful banners:o) I may use one of them on my blog.

    Best regards from Bea in Denmark

  8. hi there...I love your blog! I stop by for inspirations on decor, but today I had to leave a message because I just wrote a post last week on my blog about being blessed. I love the phrase you wrote, "Count your blessings not your worries"!
    We must be processing the same things:)! Nice to meet you!

  9. Miss Polly!!! Miss Polly!!!
    You do encourage and inspire. There must be a global breeze blowing. How many of us are in similar situations, we need to encourage and uplift one another.
    p.s. I think God has already been setting the wheels in motion for you :0).... "Shine in 2009"
    p.s.s. I can't wait to hear the terrific praise report you will be sharing with us shortly...PTL

  10. Polly, I know exacatly what you are going through, but I can tell you that God is faithful and will provide your needs as He has ours. Keeping you and Mr. Blessing in my prayers. XO

  11. Polly, I follow your blog everyday.And my observation is: You are walking out your banner name.You are truly an inspiration to all of us! God has opened a DOOR for you,hasn't He? Can't wait to hear the PRAISE REPORT !!!!! I PRAY GOD'S RICHEST BLESSINGS ON YOU, FOR YOU HAVE TRULY BEEN A BLESSING TO OTHERS!!!!!! Deborah

  12. I would love to know more about your story. We struggle with making decisions, praying diligently, hopefully there will be an answer soon.

  13. I CANNOT tell you the times and how the Lord has blessed us, sweetpea! I have complete trust in Him and haven't been disappointed yet. Also, I can't wait to hear the rest of this story, chickee.....

  14. Hi Polly,
    Your faith, love and strenght are SO from the Lord. You give strenght, love and encouragment to so many of us out "here". Your are loved:)Thank You, Polly!!!

  15. You are one strong woman of God...let's take these lessons right into this new week.!!

  16. I love it!
    How true!
    Thank you.

  17. Great post! It does work walking in the footprints of your faith!!

  18. AWH Polly great post..the pink roses are wonderful..Love my crinkle ribbon.. thanks dear one~~
    hugs, Patty

  19. Polly, Bless your heart, and Mr. Blessing too! I hope things will soon be better for you. I love that verse in Psalms, actually have been quoting it for several years now, because...well it is a whole story too that wouldn't be appropriate to post in your blog comments and I just want to encourage you today. xo rachel

  20. Thank you for sharing, I needed that today as we are walking through a rough time with our teenager. I am excited to hear the rest of your story.

  21. I am hanging on to see what happens. I know it will hold something for me. And the pics are heart-warming. Our Lord is good and faithful! Don't make us wait too long for part 2.

  22. I am so happy that I read your blog this morning, as I believe that verse is for me at this moment. I am going threw many changes in my life & I know that God has set my path. Thank you. Hugs***Renea

  23. YES, God is good! It seems many of us are in this place-this place of "Trust Me"...I am soo thankful for this place of "being real" and encouragement.
    Blessings to you today,
    PS. On pins and needles to hear *the rest of the story*.

  24. Hi Polly thank you so much for the surprise of my life!! I love your post and frig sign.I am not religious but read the Bible and watched Day Star when I was abandoned by my best friends when I became ill and almost became homeless..what a test! 'One door closes and another opens'..God has something better for you..believe me! I had to lose everything to find permanence.
    Blessings..Blessings indeed! I will take pics as soon as sun comes out..maybe June?
    We are getting 16" of snow tomorrow! LOL Denise

  25. PS About 'footprints'not the frig one the other.....when I was on the edge of losing it?..maybe I did? I would say to myself like a mantra "Footprints" over and over because years ago somebody gave me a wallet size form of that poem.When I am in pain in bed for days I just say "Jesus..Carry Me"..I am not religious and do not know alot of prayers. I shout out "Help"! and "Grace"! but thats all I can think of...good thing I live alone!

  26. I love your blog! I know with faith like that in turning to the word of God I know that God is going to turn this situation totally around! I love that in times that are hard we see how God is truely our provider. I will be coming back by to see the glorious things that the Lord is going to do in your life!

    I am believing with you and will be praying!


  27. Great story Polly...and yeah...I have wondered about those books too...but I do enjoy! I love that you are walking in your faith...even when the path may be unclear...a great reminder to us all to do the same!

  28. Your story is beautiful and so are the pictures. :)


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