Porch Magazine ~ Valentines!!

I haven't been ignoring you all week, I promise! I've had my nose to the editorial grindstone. Well, go on over and take a little peek. Porch Magazine's All-Photo Valentines issue is shipping out soon!
(Resuming my regular Friday Flea Market next week with lots of new old treasures!)


  1. So exciting Polly!!! I enjoyed showing the last issue off to my family over the holidays...they all got a hoot out of Renoir being in it...lol!

  2. Have a wonderful New Year filled with many blessings Pinkie

  3. Polly I can't wait to see the magazine, I know it will be fabulous. This picture is one of my favorites. Thank you so much for including me. Lauri @ chippys

  4. I'm off to take a peek at that issue!

    Victoria x

  5. Magazine looks great pOLLY congrats on such a fabulous idea..and following through ~!!

    well dear ''my cat snowman'' (:) LOL
    not the bestlooking but we had fun..have a great weekend too (:) hugs, Patty

  6. Yippee! I'm so happy the secret's finally out about all the talent from cover to cover ;)

  7. Thank you Polly :)
    all my sheet music and crinkle ribbon came today ,I just love it all ~~~thanks so much for all the extra goodies..wow am a very happy -happy girl today ..(:)LOL hugs, Patty

  8. I am sending you my avatar for the FFM........ Looking forward to getting busy with that!

    Happy New Year

  9. What a neat idea, I will have to check it out!!

  10. Most enchanting to make your acquaintance!

  11. Hi Polly , Thanks for your sweet note. I just know I'm on the right path. I'll pray that the good Lord will provide a new ( and better ) job for your husband soon. The magazine looks wonderful. Hugs , Sue

  12. Hey Ms Polly....your photograph is stunning...I am so proud of my chippy co-hort!
    ox lulu

  13. Ohhh.. I shopped and bought not only this issue of Porch, but the prior one too, marking the Friday Flea Market as a favorite shoping place. Thanks!!

    Blessings ~ Eileen and the Beautiful Starry Girl

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