Time In A Bottle

I don't think I've ever taken a full week off without having had surgery or a baby or some other major life event! It was killing me to stay away from my computer. What an addict!! But after the first few days we sorta settled into a lull and it was beautifully sweet. I'll definitely have to try it again sometime =)

Andrea at Faded Plains sent me a lovely package that the kids made me wait to open until Christmas morning. I adore the lace in that tiny little bottle. It's a wee bit symbolic as I think I'm beginning to hear my inner clock ticking and I secretly wish I could bottle up these precious days. I've begun to cry at the littlest of nothing ~ mainly babies and the notion that I can't have anymore. (Mind you, five years ago I was begging for that tubal!) You would think that birthing & attempting to raise 4 children ages 18 to 5 would be grounding enough. But there is actually some sad part of me that wants this ridiculously difficult task of training up children to continue. Would you please, oh pretty please, tell me that hot flashes are not lurking around the corner?!!


  1. Welllll...
    Actually, it was 8 years ago the day after Christmas, that I found out I was pregnant after having that tubal for 15 years... Yikes, careful what you wish for... Still no hot flashes but hopefully someday I will stop tearing up when I see those new babies, probably not since someday there will (hopefully) be grandbabies.
    I know what you mean about cherishing the time, it goes so fast.

  2. they might be lurking and they might not....At 55 I just get a little sweaty on my upper lip once in a while.
    Never did want to rip my clothes off like I hear from some gals. Not taking any replacements...EVER...a vow to myself.
    Diet and workout seem to be my key

    You WILL look back and say that wasn't so bad!!!

    blessings in 09, dear friend

  3. LOL..... well I hear that Zinc (and antique shopping)are good for hot flashes....I'm always so cold I don't know if I would notice a hot flash.... :0)

  4. I'm feeling the same way!! After four kids and a vasectomy, I find myself simply drooling at the sight of anyone holding a baby.... I guess our nurturing side never fades!!! Happy new year!

  5. I've finally resigned myself to the fact that I'll need to wait for Grandbabies. And after the many years of 'trying' and each month bringing disappointment, I can't believe I've finally got to the place where it's ok. Now, I'm scared to get pregnant! It's an age thing!
    Happy 2009!

  6. I think most of us get that feeling when we realize we have had our last baby. I went through the same thing in my late 30's early 40's. It's like your body shouting "LAST CHANCE!". On the other hand, one of your babies will always be the last one:>{ This too shall pass. (Besides, when they hit their 20's sometimes you start to wonder why you had any of them!)

  7. Aww...well having not even begun that journey yet, I am afraid I have no real advice...but just to enjoy each moment as it comes and all of the changes life brings ;). You received some lovely things from Andrea...and she did from you as well!

  8. I feel that way a lot...my boys are 19 and 13 and needing less and less it seems. There are days that I wish I could go back and do it one more time. Then there are days when I look at my little dog and say "welp, you're the daughter I never had" and I'm content.


  9. Oh Polly (:) you are so funny..
    ...well you have 4 children ..wow that is a blessing..
    I know how you feel, I almost feel like my grandson is MY BABY~!! LOL

    ...we never lose that love of having and wanting babies..they are so precuious ~!!
    Oh yes the hot flashes come next(:)
    Glad you're back..
    and HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!
    hugs, Patty

  10. Oh...I so know how you feel...I miss having a baby around. The mother in us will never surrender. I hope that the New Year will bring you many blessings!

  11. Hi, Well . .. I think they likely are lurking if you are similar in age to me . . . most of my friends in their mid-forties are well into those temperature changes.

    Hope you can avoid it a bit longer.

    In the mean time . . . Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009!


  12. Hi Polly there are alot of natural remedies..I had a horrible time and went through it in my mid forties.I remember being in Mass on a Holiday and water was running down my face like a hose was on my head.I did not have any children but went through grieving process...and alot of laughter too! I have found different avenues to nurture...important to nurture yourself now.Dr.Christine Northrop has books cd,dvds she was a huge help..sometimes she is on PBS.xxoo Denise PS hope to stock my shop today.

  13. My messy dog child, is in need of a hair cut, What kind of messy hair dog do you have? I started crying at TV commericals, then noticed hot flashes, i have not needed a coat unless it's really cold. Good luck, if you are headed that way, I was 38 and who knew? I didnt sleep, as a nurse I didnt even figure it out till I went for blood tests.

  14. 4 percent of all women go through early menopause, as a baby boomer that is a lot, peri menopause, menopause and post menopause can last a number of years. There is a energy burst, that is supposed to last 10 years or so mine lasted in excess of 13 years, I really got a lot done. it was a shock for me to feel so odd I never even had a problem with any girl stuff till 38.Good luck now that the change is getting some press it may not be so hard on women now! The worst symptom I had was insomnia, still hate it, when i cant sleep


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