Lacy Gifts

I bought a garbage bag full of old lace on ebay for some projects that I'm working on.
When it arrived last week, I was in a little lacy corner of Heaven when I found...
This handmade vest/jacket! I nearly screamed!!
Do you suppose Magnolia Pearl disgused herself as my ebay seller and snuck in a little present?


  1. You had to be in vintage heaven! Glad your mannequin is clothed now!
    God bless,

  2. What fun to open a package full of lace like that! Love the vest:>)

  3. What a great package to get! Enjoy all your lacy goodness that you've got goin' on there, girl! :)

  4. I love lace for projects as struck gold with that vest!


  5. OHG...... that is beautiful and YES I think you have a fan in the halls of Ebay and snuck that in for you!!!!!!

  6. Wow, the projects you could make with all of that delicious lace! I absolutely love Magnolia Pearl,she is so talented, and she would love that collection also! Cant wait to see what you make with it all!

  7. Oh , you got a great bag of lace , the vest is gorgeous. Can't wait to see some of the projects. I have 2 awards for you - Come over to my blog when you get a chance. Sue

  8. That is a lot of lace! I wish I had a gift for creating but no such luck. Thanks for the lovely comment and please do stop by and see me at Zapp! Would so enjoy meeting you. Debbie

  9. I came here from Linda's Blue Gate. Love this lacy stuff. In fact, I love the whole blog.

  10. WHAT a go girl.

    And to get that vest as a exciting is that!?

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  11. Polly
    My Valentine PORCH came yesteday
    I love it ~!!
    Really an inspiration(:)
    I featured it on todays post..hugs, Patty

  12. Just catching up with you after the holidays!

    Wow, what a score on the bag of lace. The vest is fab!

    The lace and net in your stairway is amazing, what a GREAT idea!!

    Those columns are awesome too.


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