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Simple Is Simple Does tagged me last week to tell 6 crazy things about myself. In the past I've used these tag games to reveal more serious matters but I'm feeling cheeky today so here goes...

1) I'm freakishly organized. I'm sure it's a disorder.

2) When I start a task, I have to finish it. And I don't mean this in a interviewing-for-a-job-so-I-have-to-impress-you sort of way. I mean that if I can't find that green sock, I'm gonna be up all night until it's found. I'm sure it is also a disorder.

3) Though I'm a germ freak, my house is never clean (but it's organized!). I hate when someone just stops by for a quick visit because I'm the girl shoving green socks behind the tv as I answer the door. It's a treatable disorder I'm told.

4) Those closest to me say that I'm a control freak. In fact, my friend Suzanne told me recently that she's very impressed that I'm only a crying, slobbering mess lately - what with my oldest turning 18 and preparing to leave for college. Somebody please treat me for this disorder!

5) I never attend "required" social events. In fact, I dread even the "fun" social events. Even though my mother-in-law coordinates all the ladies-day-out activities for church, I've never attended even one. No, I'm not afraid of being out in public. I just don't like gatherings that require me to be happy & impressive (unless I'm in the mood to be happy and impressive - does that mean it falls into the controlling category?). Believe me, friends have been trying to treat this disorder for years!!

6) I couldn't think of one more so I asked my husband to tell me one. His response... "Well.. you're not all that crazy."


  1. I love your husband's answer!

    I don't think you're crazy at all. Got a kick out of this one. Nice to know there's another person out there ;)

    I really think we could start an organization of some kind.

    Happy day, control freak (it's a good thing in my book)

  2. Love the elf too! I'm doing one now.

  3. Hi!~

    Just stopping by to let you know that I've awarded your blog!!!

    Stop by to pick it up!!!!~

    Have a great day..

  4. Had to tell ya, I did the elf thing and I laughed so hard!!! This is sooo fun, thanks for sharing!~

  5. Your elf is cracking me up:>) So cute! By the way, that green sock you are looking for, I think it's behind the t.v.!

  6. Fun tidbits! I wish I was super organized!!! I really do, I love the idea, I just can't get process of sticking to my great ideas for organization. Maybe because I am too busy keeping up with all those required social events. :-) Really, I avoid as many of those as possible, too.

    Happy day,

  7. Take hubby's last comment as a compliment, chickee; I would!!
    Smooches from another "organizing freak and fellow OCD" woman,

  8. Your husband's answer was very safe!
    Love the elf video! We did a similar family one last year, it was too funny!
    God bless,
    Brenda :)

  9. Don't you love Jib Jab?! (And...I hope you don't change your disorders!) ;)

  10. Take it from someone who knows, it is better to NOT try to correct the control issue - unless you are serious, cause when you start working on it...well you are obligated to try to STOP controlling everything, and we both know that our way seems best. I have learned that God really doesn't need my help! And I thought I had all the answers...
    I would give up on the green sock though - just go to bed and go to Wally World tomorrow and get some more...
    hope you are having a blessed holiday next week!

  11. I use to be just like that and I still am to a certain degree. I don't have time to be too organized now. I work all of the time and when I get home I'm usually too tired to bother with organization. I miss it though! I have a trick now that I do with the socks. I keep a little can of safety pins in my laundry room and I pin the socks together before I wash them. That helps a lot. I don't undo them til its time to fold and put them up.
    Have a good day and stay just as you are!

  12. I really don't think you're all that *crazy* either! Sounds perfectly *normal* to me-all except the finishing things part, that is!
    Have a great week!


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