Wheels in Motion

We're starting school today and have to get into the groove of the schedule change - All the spokes moving with the wheel. I'm a little twirly today but I hope to have a good schedule going for us soon. I spent the weekend mailing out magazines!! Our first box sold out lickty-split and a second box should arrive in a few days so if you ordered later on Friday or early into the weekend, I'll get your copies out just as soon as they arrive.
My friend, Karen, stopped by for a visit on Friday. She got to see the house in all it's messy glory! Dirty dishes, crafty projects half finished, toys all over the floor, and the shreds of mail that the dog has taken to stealing & eating. Here's the thing she said that I've been thinking about all weekend (my paraphrase)... "Sometimes I sit at the office, reading your blog and looking at all the pictures and I'm a little jealous... I'm glad that I stopped over today and get to see that nobody can do it all." Ain't it the truth?!!


  1. Our school year begins Sept. 2. The governor passed a law that we can't start til after Labor Day (YAY!) but next week I strap on my "lunch lady" apron and head back to work.(groan!) Great news on the magazine:>) And as for the messy house, I admit that I always breathe a little sigh of relief when I go to someones house and it isn't perfect. Call me wicked, but it justifies my own craft strewn dining table and takes the pressure off. Have a good week Polly!

  2. How true. I often kick messes out of the way for photos and that hides the clutter well for the lense, but just makes the house worse!

  3. Oh Polly, we just do what we have to do, huh? Have a great week. xo rachel

  4. Absolutely true! The balance between, home, family, and work is a tough one. If you ever figure it out let me know!


  5. Polly,
    Thanks for keeping it real! We often get the idea that others have "it" all together while we are failing miserably. While I prefer to show the bits of beauty in my life on my blog life is messy at times. You have given me pause to think about keeping it real. Thanks.

  6. On blogs, we just see bits and pieces of houses...it is great to see one every now and then that looks LIVED IN...like MINE !! :o)

  7. Hi Polly, Thanks for visiting me and you have sharp eyes to see the rug. That was only 50 cents.
    Come visit me..have a little something.:) I have some craft projects around the family room and also half done :) Hope school goes well this week.
    Warmly, Deb

  8. LoL
    not one of us can do it all
    it is SUCH hard work..but we somehow pull it all together..
    Happy schooling..and
    don't twirl for too long, you'll
    get dizzy and fall.

    love, Deena


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