Friday Flea Market

Welcome to Friday Flea Market! Be sure to check out our new blogger's magazine! (Yes, a real live paper magazine!)

If you would like a closer look at the Vintage Velvet Millinery, click here

Greeting Card Organizer

Lacy Mom/Baby Litho

Old Photo Album

Sheet Music

Embroidered Lambs

British Poets


  1. Lovely vintage photo album! I also love the magazine! Great! xo Vanessa

  2. Polly ~
    How much fun is that !!! I can't wait to see the bloggers magazine !

  3. Polly~I was trying to buy a magazine yesterday and wanted to use funds in my paypal but the only options were credit cards. Can you just send me a paypal bill and let me do it that way? Thanks!

  4. Please check my pink blog today..I fixed it all up for Friday Flea Market..
    hugs, Deena

    Love your vintage millinery rose..

  5. Pretty things. Blessings for a wonderful weekend.....M

  6. Lovely items, as always, Polly. That barkcloth is stunning.

    You are a busy gal! Magazines, new blogs and FFM. You go girl!!!

    Karen xoxo

  7. I dunno...something tells me to show you this:

  8. What a fun idea your magazine sounds like! May I post on it and link back to your blog?

  9. Congrats on your latest venture Polly! :-) Sounds perfect for you and I can't wait to see more!

    Happy day,

    New Blog Address:

  10. Hi Polly,
    Hope your having a lovely weekend, we are having super duper weather here in my part of the world! Loved looking at the vintage photos and images! I will have to check out your Bloggers Magazine, that sounds really great!
    Donna Lynn

  11. Hi Polly, your new magazine, PORCH, will be mentioned in my post tomorrow. I hope I do not offend if I used the photo of the cover in my post. It sounds like an exciting venture not only for you but for your readers! I'm off to order! Blessings,
    Miss Sandy


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