Taking the Lacy Plunge

Rosie's gettin' hitched! Wandering through the Salvation Army this morning (stole away, even though my cold is wanting me to stay in), and there she was! The most stunning old wedding dress I've ever laid eyes on. And believe me, I love old lace so I get moony over lots of old wedding dresses. They're usually too expensive though (even at the Goodwill it's $150-$200 for the oldies). This one: $25.00!! It's all handstitched with five bazillion tiny buttons down the back too. The day turned into a lacy mission...


Really, I want to have an outdoor tea party this summer so it was good practice. But it's going to take some perfecting. Any ideas? Maybe smaller lace pieces... Maybe larger parasols... I don't know - I totally stole the idea from the Magnolia Pearl video and we all know that I can't go and ask Robin and John. =) (update: Actually, I wanted to do this last year at Farmer's Market but then I saw her video a few weeks back and that gave me the push. I wouldn't want to incriminate myself any further - lol!) I'm pretty sure I've been black-listed but I'm making myself be at peace about it because I know that I've done everything I can to fix things (nope, never heard back from them). In the meantime, her work is still the most romantic stuff out there and I'm allowed to be an admirer, right?! (I apologize though to those who have asked that I sell the precarious handbags. I really feel it's important that I don't sell them any longer. It would be so sad to me if I didn't represent Christ as I should and I just can't sell them and be at peace about it.)

I know... tea party not pity party... So, Wouldn't it be lovely to set up several ice-cream tables out in the yard all drippy with lace?! Maybe for Mother's Day?? I need to figure out how to get the parasols to stand up. These ice-cream tables don't have holes in the center for umbrellas like the larger tables do. I tried several tactics (one involved a plunger but, don't worry, it was brand new). Ideas that don't involve toilet tools would be so welcome.


  1. Have you seen all of the lace projects in this months issue of Country Living magazine. There are some great lace bangles and lace vases. BTW--I have started a new blog and have you on my frequently read bloglist. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to check out yours too, and I'm glad I did. You have a lot of gorgeous things here. I'll be back to visit again.

    The Duck Killer :-)

  3. That is a gorgeous dress. I love all your lace goodies. I am definitely going to add more lace to my life :-) Rosie

  4. Great dress, and I just adore the idea of having tea with lace dripped parasols!! That would be so lovely!!


  5. I'm speechless! That dress and umbrella are GORGOUS!!! YOu lucky gal!!!!~

  6. Polly,
    That dress is the most amazing find ever! You are so lucky! I love your parasol/table set-up sooo pretty...(and on a side-note would also make another really beautiful vignette of the moment if you would consider sharing...{insert me grinning wide here and wink, winking at you...lol!})

    As far as your predicament with Magnolia Pearl, while I understand the feelings of regret on you part, just so long as you have done all you could...I think that is enough. We all make mistakes. When I first started my business I was a bit of a "copycat" and when someone called me out on it I was mortified...I quickly learned I couldn't make things just for the bucks...they had to be my own...so I understand what you went through there. But anyways...I think your style is quite lovely and I always enjoy stopping by!

  7. What a find! Gorgeous.
    I'm ooing and ahing over the parasol on the table idea :)

  8. There's just something about lace that pretties everything up!!

    Victoria x

  9. gorgeous dress!!! sooo pretty!!1 love all the lace!!

  10. sometimes I have to bo back and read your post twice..... you always have so much to read and take in....... Love the idea of the drippy with lace thing........ I love your use of the English language.......... yeap.......... your blog is whizbang........ hugs...

  11. Thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things about my feature in Romantic Country Magazine!!

    I love that wedding dress! It is stunning...

    About the parasols and little tables. How about a vase or planter on the table...stick in the umbrella, add rocks or marbles to hold and then some moss on top of the rocks or marbles?

  12. Love your lacey parasols. I think it will be difficult to get them to stand up without the hole in the table. They are so pretty though.

  13. Loving all the pretty lace. If you set up tables on Mother's Day for icecream can I come??? LOL....Smiles

  14. The dress is lovely...I don't know what I would do with it, It would never fit me!

  15. Oh, I love the parasol with the lace over it! I've been thinking of adding a lace edging to a big market umbrella but I never thought of putting lace over the whole thing!

  16. Oh my gosh is that not GORGEOUS! I could not have resisted either.

    Hope you are feeling better. I've had a fuzzy head too~battling allergies.


  17. The wedding dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! Ooooh my! And what a deal you got! My poor Miss Gertrude is still "nekkid". I've been searching for vintage lace tops or something, anything romantic. Your find has given me inspiration to keep up the hunt! P.S. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such sweet comments about my jewelry stuff...I love your blog and saved you so I can come back for more visits. Have a great weekend! xoxo ~ Joy

  18. Oh that dress is so so so lovely!!!
    and the drippy lace parasols..oh so fun.

    I love your blog..it's always so ROCKING!!!



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