The BrocanteHome Puttery Treats Challenge

Oh for gracious sakes she's done it again! Alison at Brocante Home just has one lovely idea after another. Have you seen it? Do you know what deliciousness I'm referring to? And here it fits so perfectly into our Festival of Papers week! The Brocante Home Puttery Treats Challenge dares us to pick a favorite Puttery Treat.

I've been reading her blog for a long time now and I'll admit that I was a "lurker" for many months. It was actually her blog that inspired me to begin my own blog (but let's not tell her because that would appear as trying to win brownie points for the challenge). I was so nervous stepping into this sometimes personal and always public world of journaling online for everyone to see (remember why? see #9). I'm still shakey some days but this is, afterall, a Season of Change .

So my favorite puttery treat probably stems from my innate desire to write. Just words. But after years of stifling blank pages... oh, how I'm loving written words! As you know, I've been looking over mom's "Sister's Book" this week. I'm finding myself teary-eyed often - not because the notes are so precious (and they are indeed precious to me) but because I'm overcome with having this in common with my mom and her mom before her. I commented to my mom today about my surprise at feeling this way. She said, "No, I always knew you had to write... for your heart. When you were little, you used to hide behind the sofa with a notepad for hours, quiet as can be. Then later I'd find an elaborate story laying on my pillow". This Sister's Book has taken me for such a loop! I didn't expect that I'd find myself in her adventures and I'm a little stunned that I didn't know all this was for my heart. Because it so, obviously, is! Not the stories involved in the blog. Not the pictures. Not even the words. Just in doing it.

Write yourself a to-do list on the back of a vintage postcard and slip it into your handbag. This is the week to do away with all those niggly little tasks currently driving you round the twist...
-Quote from Brocante Home Chronicles
I've been putting this puttery treat on thin strips of paper and using it as a band to secure stacks of notecards given as gifts. (a little surprise to include with a sold auction item, etc.) They encourage spontaneous writing. Even the slightest of lists can be beautiful. (and how can you not smile at a phrase like "those niggly little tasks currently driving you round the twist?!)
...with you... right in front of everyone!!
90) Written Words
91) Captured Moments
92) Captured Fear


  1. What a neat idea! My lists are always on crumpled yellow legal sheets...very uninspiring! Thank you for sharing such a neat blog...

  2. I checked out her blog yesterday for the first time. Debbie at Random Thoughts from A to Z told me about it because she had a Christmas organizer posted. Sadly, I was not able to find it. There is so much information on that blog that I got lost! I couldn't navigate through it like a seasoned blogger. HELP!


  3. I'm vouching for Polly here...I received a bundle of her Brocante Home inspired note papers which are so pretty. She has inspired me through Alison to keep some puttery treats in my purse that are also organizers! I love them and Polly and Alison...someone hand me a tissue!

  4. I entered the contest too - I just adore Alison and her fabulous Brocante World!!

    This is a great post! Love your ideas.

  5. What a neat way to make lists. So much nicier than on the back of old enevelopes. Lovely posts. Mary

  6. Your Papers are Beautiful Polly. I Just bought some Victorian Valentines. I wouldn't be embarassed,lol. Your Papers are Just Beautiful, I love all the roses. She had a Wonderful Idea, I will have to check out her blog :)

    Angie :)

  7. What a great post.. thanks for the new ideas

  8. Polly I had no idea your son was that sick! Hope he's feeling better soon.


  9. Polly, I have admired your writing since the day I discovered your blog. I am not a "writer". I have never felt the desire or need to write. But I soooo admired those who do. My father (and architect, by craft) started writing when he retired. He wrote several novels and short stories. Unfortunately, one a couple of short stories were published. I had hoped that I would inherit the "writing" gene from him. But alas, I did not.

    Keep your pen flowing Polly...

  10. What a fabulous idea!- We are heading over to visit as well- inspiring yet again....

    kari & kijsa

  11. We would probably spend so much time looking at the beauty of the vintage postcard that we would forget our list!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  12. You enjoy writing and I love reading your posts. Inspiring to have a list written on vintage cards. Makes it all the more special!



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