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I Confess...

I've been tagged to tell you 7 things about myself that you might not know. As I'm a very guarded person, there's likely lots you don't know. I'll start with something simple and try to be more detailed than I was last time that I was tagged with this one.. (1) I LOVE Josh Groban's music. I can't understand most of it, but I love it all the same! Listen to those lyrics... "I'm staggered by your beauty, your unassuming grace.." Oh how can your heart not "fall into place" at the sound of that?! AND I loved this movie (Painted Veil). Definitely, definitely rent it! (2)I've been accused of being passionate. Probably most redheads have but sometimes I wonder if what's meant is something more like "impetuously, dramatically old fashioned". (3) I know they have a bad rap but there's something about gypsies that I think is beautiful. The caravan, the bright clothes, the wild hair. I couldn't have that lifestyle but I love the look of it. It kinda goes with victorian in a mixed up way - a bit like me! (4) Pink is not my favorite color and shabby chic is not my favorite decorating style. I know, catch your breath =) My favorite color is actually purple and though I like shabby chic, I adore Old World style AND the romantic style of Marie Antoinette. (5) I drive an SUV that I really like but my dream car would be one of the new hardtop jeeps with big, knobby tires. Can you imagine? Me in my romantic jacket bahaing on dirt trails? Can't help it - I've always been a tom-boy at heart. I love dirt bikes, horses, well-worn blue jeans, flipflops, roses and all things beautiful! (6) I got pregnant as a teen and now my son is nearly the age I was when I got pregnant. My heart is breaking in having to let him grow up. I swell with pride when I hear him tell my little ones, "Don't talk to mommy like that!" He's my lovey but he wasn't the child that changed my life. (7) I got pregnant with my second child in the middle of a divorce (same dad). It was one of those last ditch efforts to reconcile. Two weeks after moving back in with him, I was moving back out. I couldn't put another child through it and I wanted off the ride. It was in that very alone and very sad and very empty pregnancy that God rescued me. Noah means peace. (8) Over the last several months I have been praying for a complete release from my ex-husband. Though he isn't using drugs or alcohol as he used to, he still has visitation with Noah and is not the influence he should be. I can't and won't talk to Noah about my prayer but I'm clinging to this verse, "Peacemakers who sow in peace will raise a harvest of righteousness." James 3:18 (9) During that marriage, I moved 9 times. I was terrified that he'd steal the boys and yet I loved him in some sick way. I'm still afraid of him. While married to him I wasn't allowed to keep a journal and writing has always been a huge passion in my life. I started this blog as an outward expression that I am not afraid to write anymore. (10) It's only because of God that I breathe, that I write, that I love. Without trusting Him, I'm a ball of fear. With Him, I'm impetuously, dramatically passionate about life!


  1. Polly, Your blog is beautiful...your expressions about the Lord are a powerful witness! Sincerely, Cheryl

  2. I love you Polly! #2-5 could be said of me and has. I love gypsies, I'm extremely passionate and I drive a Jeep Cherokee because it has more room than the Wrangler (for the kiddies you know.) Purple is my favorite color and I love Old World Style. I feel such a connection with you!


  3. Oh man. So scary about that guy. Keep clinging to what you know is true! I'll pray for the best outcome for everyone. Hopefully God will change him and make him the man he should be for Noah.

  4. Polly...
    Love your blog, I so enjoy reading it!

  5. glad to get to know you better...hang tough with God...he will see you thru...have a good weekend...blessings, rebecca

  6. How touching and inspiring! Goose bumps covered me as I read of your absolute rebellion into the Quiet Keeping of our Lord. Ah, isn't His Shadow the most Peace one could ever indulge in? God bless you, Polly. As always, you reveal more than words can say.


  7. You forgot sincere and selfless:) Thank you for the beautiful prayer for my son. You are precious.

    Love ya,

  8. It was nice to get to know you a little better. You do have a gift for writing and I love reading about your faith in the Lord. Sisters in Christ,

  9. Polly, you are very inspiring. With much love, Esther

  10. Polly, you are amazing! I loved getting to know you a little better. I love coming to your blog. You are inspiring, funny, insightful and more...

  11. Polly you've been through such a lot, and I think you're very brave to share that with us. No wonder you are hoping (and I am)that that man will sever his connection with you and the kids, he sounds like a very negative influence. Bet you feel a cloud hanging over you on the days he has to collect the kids.
    Just wanted to say thank-you for your thoughts and prayers, I'm feeling much better today! And Polly, I have always been fixated with Romany caravans-once I nearly bought an old one when I was 15 with my savings, but we had no way of getting it home (it was a horse-drawn one-shabby,but gorgeous).I still sigh over it today to my parents...

  12. Blessings to you. So glad to see a fellow believer. Grace & Peace to you. Love your blog and your ebay listings. Denise

  13. Polly, Thanks for enriching our lives with your wonderful thoughts, HEARTFELT words and ideas. Loved this weeks blog, as I do every week!! bless you,Ruby,A-PINK-ROSE

  14. Polly I loved the movie too and the song A la Claire Fontaine...and it's good that you are staying strong and positive, the best gift any child can have in a mum, it'll all pay off.. just you wait and see:)

  15. Thank your for so freely sharing your intimacies and introducing your readers to the One who rescued you! I know your testimony is touching lives, inspiring others to continue on, and bringing hope to those who have lost theirs along their journey. Keep on keepin' on Polly.



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